Achievement 5 Task 3 by @ stcryptworld: Review


Hello steemit and steemians, hope you all doing great

After checking task2 for achievement5, today I published task3, which is to reviewing

what is
It is one of the blockchain tools developed by @justyy that enables you to view various information in addition to performing several functions. We will get to know some of them by answering the question of the task.

TASK 3.png

1 What do we mean by effective sp:

effective steem power equals all the steem power in your account even though delegated steem power or signup steem power mines sp that you delegate to someone.
You can see how many steem power you have by on tools in the main menu.


Click on the second option in the Steem Essentials list "Steem Account Information".


Enter your account name without the at symbol and press enter. You will see your effective steem power as shown in the image.


2 delegation SP using "Steem SP Delegation Tool"

Click on the sixth option in the Steem Essentials list "Steem SP Delegation Tool".


Fill in the form as shown in the picture.


Click "STEEM: delegate via steemJS" to complete the transaction.

3 Transfer History checking.

Click on the eighth option in the Steem Essentials menu "Steem Wallet Tool - Steem Account Transfer Viewer".


Fill out the form as shown in the picture, then click "Query".


A table will appear showing all the transactions between the two accounts.


4 Claiming STEEM or SBD without having to click claim button each time.

Click on the eleventh option in the Steem Essentials list."Steem Auto Claim Rewards"


Fill the form as the image shown and click "claim".


5 Checking the outgoing votes report.

Scroll down the page a little to the list of Upvotes and Flag click on the third option " Steem Outgoing Votes Report".


Fill the form as shown in the picture and click outgoing voting report.


You will see this relative circle that contains all the outgoing votes in addition to a table below it showing the weight and percentage of each vote.



6 Checking the incoming votes report.

By clicking on the fifth option in the previous menu, a form will appear to be filled out in the same way that we saw in the checking of incoming votes. After filling it out, click on "incoming voting report".



Once again you will see a relative circle and a table showing all the details of the incoming votes.



7 Check who has delegated SP to your Steem account.

To check who has delegated SP to your Steem account or any Steem account, you must click on the first option from the Delegators and Delegatees list, then type the user name and click search as it is shown in the image below.



You will see all the accounts that have delegated Steem Power to your account or the account you are looking for, in addition to other details shown in the images.



Thanks for reading
Until next time

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