Achivement 01- My[@sumuu (25)] introduction post to steemit (Thanks @cryptokannon)

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I am Sumudu Mallawaarachchi. I lived in Ratmalana with my elder brother, mother and father. Went to two schools. I have a higher diploma in hotel management. I'm a Presidential Scout too. That is my level of education.


I am now a sales executive by profession. Prior to my current career, I worked as a lecturer on Performing Arts / Drama, Personal Development, Educational Methods, and Drama Music in a semi-public arts organization for sixteen years. I'm an extreme social worker too.(😊)





Now I am married and live in Anuradhapura, the first kingdom of Sri Lanka. I have a daughter who is one and a half years old. My wife is a teacher by profession. That is my current lifestyle.


I also wanted to associate with this society. I love to associate with new communities. So accept me too this precious community. I'm learning about this step by step. Until then tell me about these loving works. Thanks to @Ruvini (my wife😘), @Sithara, @Cryptokannon and @Besticofinder brother for telling me this.


Thanks everyone for watching my "picture introduction" (😊😊)
Ok, let's get to work now.

@teamsrilanka @cryptokannon @besticofinder

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Welcome to Steemit @sumuu :)


Thanks ghost!! 😊

Welcome to steemit platform.🌹


😊Thanks Sithara

Welcome to the steemit family, you didn't added the tag #achievement1


Thanks for reminding me. I'll correct that

Kindly correct the Achievement Tag ! Actually Greeter and Greeter helpers Usually missed out those achievements who don't have tag over it !



Thanks for reminding me. I was so busy with social works🙂. It would be great that I have a careing community in here. Thanks again.

Helloo @sumuu, I would like to welcome you to the great platform of Steemit. I hope you can enjoy being here, and that you can make many new friends. This platform is excellent for interaction, for participating in contests, and for being part of great dynamics.

Let me introduce myself to you: my name is Alejandro, alias @psicoparedes. I am from Venezuela. I work as a curator of several projects. I am also a private investigator of the anti-plagiarism team, and I am part of the Steem Greeters team as well. I am one of the members in charge of guiding you and verifying your achievements in the newcomers' program.

There are many interesting challenges and games to do, like telling us about your day through the diary game ( #thediarygame ) for example. Here I enclose a series of communities, some of which I am a part, so that you can join too and find out a little more about them, and the activities that are carried out.

Community nameCommunity link
WORLD OF XPILAR Community (photography contests and more) WORLD OF PILAR
Writing & Reviews Community (writing contests and reviews) Writing & Reviews
Steemit Crypto Academy Community (to learn about cryptoeconomics) Steemit Crypto Academy
Stars of Steem Community (dynamics of everything) Stars of Steem
Steem Food Community (food contests and more) Steem Food
Community for newcomers (IMPORTANT) Newcomers' Community
Community for newcomers 2 (IMPORTANT) Steemit Nursery
My Steemundo Community (various contests) My Steemundo
Scouts Community (challenges and other activities)Scouts
Steem Sports Community (world of sports)Steem Sports
Steeming Community (dynamics and blogging;
I am a curator and moderator here
Steeming Community
There are many more communities. I hope you find your space and explore them on your own. Don't forget to continue with the Newcomer Achievement Program. For you, it is very important to be able to complete all the achievements so that you can advance in the understanding of the platform. Here is the link to a detailed publication that can explain more about the program and the other achievements. Greetings to you. Good luck; and above all, have fun.

Postscript: I also invite you to check out Disconnect's blog. He is part of a project in which he makes a daily post where he allocates most of currently available contests within Steemit.

#twopercent #venezuela #affable


Hi @psicoparedes glad to know you brother! you are a such a big person ha? I'm totally new to this platform. I love to do what you appear to me. Definitely I'm doing them but with your great help. Thank you so much again.

Dear @sumuu,
Welcome to the steemit platform. Wish you a great future here. .. !


Hi @besticofinder (72). You must help me to win this platform my brother. Thanks for welcoming me. Please co-operate me to go ahead. Thanks again.

Hi @sumuu... Welcome to steemit. Please add #srilanka as one of the tags. Wish you a great journey ahead...


Thanks for wiwishing me.I did tag Srilanka. See you soon on platform 🙂 I'm willing to have your guidance.