Reposting as my first achievement 1 post is not verified

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I am Sumudu Mallawaarachchi. I lived in Ratmalana with my elder brother, mother and father. Went to two schools. I have a higher diploma in hotel management. I'm a Presidential Scout too. That is my level of education.


I am now a sales executive by profession. Prior to my current career, I worked as a lecturer on Performing Arts / Drama, Personal Development, Educational Methods, and Drama Music in a semi-public arts organization for sixteen years. I'm an extreme social worker too.(😊)





Now I am married and live in Anuradhapura, the first kingdom of Sri Lanka. I have a daughter who is one and a half years old. My wife is a teacher by profession. That is my current lifestyle.


I also wanted to associate with this society. I love to associate with new communities. So accept me too this precious community. I'm learning about this step by step. Until then tell me about these loving works. Thanks to @Ruvini (my wife😘), @Sithara, @Cryptokannon and @Besticofinder brother for telling me this.


Thanks everyone for watching my "picture introduction" (😊😊)
Ok, let's get to work now.

@teamsrilanka @cryptokannon @besticofinder

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Hello friend, I suggest you add the tag # achievement1 and #country first, in addition to updating the date of your poster, this is necessary to proceed to validate your achievement.


Oh thank you so much @nahela. I'll do it now. Do I have to post it again?

Hello @sumuu I inform you that you have passed your first achievement and therefore you can start the second achievement.
Here are the parameters of the second achievement. ACHIEVEMENT 2

Hello @sumuu good to see you here on Steemit.
In this wonderful ecosystem you will have the opportunity to share your content as long as it is original and of high quality, which at the beginning is not so easy.
That's why I want to introduce you to my help in this pilgrimage of growth in the platform.

  1. When you write a piece of writing, make sure it has between 300 to 500 words, always remembering to use the tag of your country of residence, for example #argentina.
  2. There are communities that will gladly welcome you and help you grow in this ecosystem. (I share some of them with you)
    Newcomers: In this one you will learn how to be better every day in Steemit, and you will be motivated to accomplish several achievements that will guide you to be one with your user account.

Recreative Steem It is a safe and open space where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves freely according to the ability and talents they feel as their passion in life.

You can also use your creativity in the initiative the diary game is in its third season.

Last but not least, check frequently the account @steemitblog where you will be updated on every news that comes up on the platform.

I hope you can grow and I am completely at your service to advise you and help you in this wonderful world.

Hi, @sumuu,

Your post has been supported by @heriadi from the Steem Greeter Team.