Achievement:1 Introduction through verification" || by @umar46

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Hello steem Family


I am @umar46 I am 18 years old today i am going to introduce my self on steemit community i belong to beautiful country Pakistan i am from very nice and beautiful city of punajb (Sahiwal)


I belong to the most beautiful country in the world the Pakistan is my country i love my country very much and i have proud to be a pakistani
There are very beautiful places in my country

Education career

I am student of DAE food processing from GCT sahiwal


I have passed my Matric from harappa city now i study in Sahiwal in Food department
In the food department i have learn a lot of recipe here

In college we made different product in weekly period of practical

I was very excited when last time me with my fellow made Gulab jaman in college
We all Frined enjoy it a lot


Other Skills

I have taken a food safety workshop from GCT Sahiwal

Which i have taken last days


Now i am going to shere my hobbies i games i like cricket very much i have played many times cricket matches but nowadays not playing but i must watch all the matches on Tv i am big cricket lover of cricket
My favorite player in cricket is Babar Azam how are the now the captin of Pakistan cricket team

Online experience

Now i am going to shere my experience in online field i have a little experience in crypto and know about different coins
I am new hear about steemit
I want to learn more about it

Lastly i would like thankful to @cryptokraze and all steemit family who told me about steemit
I want to learn more about steemit and all other fields
I want to learn trading

I am very excited to work at this platform

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Hello @umar46 welcome to steemit world

You made a great intro I hope it will be verified soon by the Steem Greeter Team.

The first thing you must do is complete all the achievements from the first to the sixth to learn how to use Steemit and to get acquainted with all the tools that help to work on the platform and the most important resource that helps you complete your achievements is Lists of Achievement Tasks, Resources & Materials: Newcomers Resources.

You can apply for the 500SP Minnow Support Program for Newcomers after completing the achievement4 and you will find all the details here.
Stay informed of any changes to the platform by following @steemitblog.

Success in Steam is not impossible but it takes some effort.



#vvarishyy plz approve my Achievement1

Kindly verify my Achievement

Kindly check and verified it still pending