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Hello everyone,
My name is whiskey and I'm a Indian. I just today joined Steemit & also started self writing from today (not even a blog). I am cryptocurrency enthusiast as I purchased my BTC in 2015 but fairly new to derivative cryptos. I hope to learn about this on Steemit. I like to follow astrophysics news and new gadgets on Youtube, so anybuddy wants to chat about it.
I hope to gain writing skills here and also earn simultaneously. Thanks for hearing me out.

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Hi @whiskeyjack2, Welcome to steemit. Please add you verified photo. Holding a piece of paper like this. Its pretty much simple and just easy as like as this photo. Write more details about yourself.



I was trying to add profile since 1 hour. I am only seeing Language option in setting on steemit wallet site. Can u help me out?

Welcome to steem brother. Follow the rules for intro post. follow @cryptokannon on this community for all the achievement rules.