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Hello Good Evening Friends of Steemians Everyone Come Back Again And Meet Me Here @zalinsky And What's Up All Friends Hopefully All Steemians Friends Are In Good Health And Hopefully, Their Sustenance Is Facilitated By The Almighty,, On This Opportunity Tonight I Want To Introduce Myself At This Steemit Platform And I Will Make A Post This Time About Introducing Myself Here,

First, what I say, I come from Aceh, Indonesia and precisely in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, and I am the third child of four brothers and I only work everyday because I have finished school, so I decided to just work for Looking for his daily money, and my name is Muhammad Zubir and I was born in 09-02-1999 and my account name is @zalinsky, why did I take that name because I am interested in the name, and I have two younger siblings and one brother



I am interested in playing this Steemit platform because many of my friends have joined this platform before and I have also created an account a few months ago but at that time I didn't play anymore because I had a little work so I didn't play. Again And Only This Time I Want To Play Again And Hopefully I Can Also Be Friends With Friends Out There,,

And that's all from introducing myself here and hopefully I can be accepted here and if there are a few words that I'm not good at, I ask all of my Steemit friends, and don't forget to also follow me here @zalinsky

Best Regards @zalinsky

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