Plant Sale: Amazing Lilies [15 Photos]



A little known treasure I discovered last year was an annual plant sale which happens about an hour out of town.

The Bush Pasture Park in Oregon hosts an annual art show, which also features a plant sale containing a wonderful array of blooming rarities.

Here in this article, I saved some my best photos from the plant sale to share.



Since I discovered I had over 50 photos from this single event, I decided to break it up a bit.

In this set I'm sharing the many lilies on display. Most of these are Asiatic Lilies. They are mostly hybrid plants grown for their multi-colored patterns. Some lilies are also lightly sweet-floral scented.

Lilies are not safe to have around cats that like to eat or scratch plants, because they are poisonous.


I'm a total sucker for lilies, especially the tall ones with bright colors. They had so many lilies on display in perfect bloom.

When grown in full sun in rich soil, Asiatic lilies can grow very quickly and reach heights far beyond 5 feet in height, some even surpassing 6 or 7 feet. Lilies grow from a bulb, and die back every Autumn, then return as a new plant every Summer.

Over the years, lily bulbs divide, self-replicating themselves into identical plants.


On the fringe front of the plant sale, these tall flowers were displayed to lure people in, away from the nearby art fair. Needless to say, the lilies were extremely effective.

People were humming around them like bees.





Oh yes, Tiger Lilies have always been my favorite flower. It was enjoyable to see so many of these flowers on display. The stems and petals are very delicate and can snap easily.

Some people call these Turkish Caps, because they resemble the huge pillowy turbans the Ottoman rulers were known for wearing.




Slightly different, I found this one as a more wide open petal lily with yellow and brown spots.

Reminds me of leopard or cheetah print.




As much as loved these lilies, when I went home, I was a proud gardener to find my favorite flower of the day was already growing in my front yard.

It takes hard work and patience, and a willingness to not give up at growing the things that you know will make you happy.


Be sure to follow and subscribe for more fantastic flower, plant, and tree photos coming your way soon. Like I said, this plant sale was incredible, and I have plenty more to share.

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Very cool. Where in oregon? I'll come buy some flowers

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Salem Oregon has an annual art sale at the Bush Prairie Park. There is a huge plant sale beside it, and there is no entrance fee for the plant sale. Several south Oregon nurseries only partipate in this one sale I found out.

  ·  작년

Those Tiger Lilies are amazing love the dots.

I just LOVE tiger lilies. Here in new England there's a red beetle that decimates them. I've never had luck with them, though I love them.

Really lovely photos of them!

Very nice, the lilies are very pretty, I have seen that hem before but didn’t realize there was such a variety!

  ·  작년

These are very pretty flowers!
Thanks for sharing. I had no idea they could be so colorful.