CAN STEEM STILL CREATE WONDERS ? Applying the concept of Ulog would help.

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Another question to be answered! can steem create wonders ? can steem still shake the world and even result to the emanation of giants and great men? can steem fix the rarity in the great men industry ?

Ofcourse, the extent of the wonders which steem can create depends on the users of steem. We determine the state if steem at all times. thinking abiut what happened recently in steem? many peopel placed demand on steem just to have blurt also, and the price shoot up. Can't we buy steem even without any other self centerdness attached ?

For steem to shake the world, the uses of steem has to be unshakable. We need tk stand firm in the presence of the most obvious challenge. When you stand firm, you embarrass a challenge. The greatest testimony we can give to steem is to remain fixed either bulls or bear! Know whah you represent and stand for.

i am @adesojisouljay, i am fixed like a statue!

The emanation of world influencers is very possible on steem but we need to give essence to the evolution of humans. No longer should essence or consideration be given sentimentally but with conscience. Where the intention and cinscious will of a human to grow is revealed. Real huamn evolution is intentional, it happens consciously.

For there to be solution in the scarcity and rarity in the great men industry, real human curation and encouragement must be considered. Ulog doesn't curate based on personal or sentimental relationship. The concept of Ulog is to ensure real human growth and curate the human's effort. Teardrops gives an essence and value to your struggles and effort.

I hope you understand?

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Thank you a lot. For a ulog, the image is well will be freshly made however caricature looking. Note the one paradigm of a ulog is un(dis)talented. It started long ago on steem as #untalented. So even if it is paint etc assuming it is graphic and you don’t know photoshop, it is allowed. Even if you learn photoshop on the spot for the sake of create the image that is all good or invent a new type of adesojishop for the sake of this one ulog, that is awesome too. Too, all text works too without the image. One essense of ulogging is gifting to the internet, giving others too the opportunity or privilege of referencing you, while add fresh pieces per day of human back into the internet where human no longer shine or hold sway. For the image, even if it is a picture you stepped out to take to really capture essence, moment etc for the ulog that is good too. Thus, we remove barriers from the art of content-creation, content-curation and content-promotion to every(any)one, arts that haven’t been open to everyone say courtesy of vlogs or blogs. With content-curation for instance, you may not be able to curate or even peer in or read content on chemistry or say code assuming you know nothing about these industries but you can curate a ulog on these topics cos in a ulog, even amidst all the complex knowledge you will see the human and its flaws will be told cos like I mentioned a ulog has an un(dis)talented allowing your to relegate reservations, attempt outoftheboxness and innovate, become owner, ceo of you, create etc but more importantly you tap into your spirit cos underlyingly ingrained in your endeavor to write your ulog will be fruitage of the spirit and you emit the resulting shine. How so? Being freshly made, you have to tap into something and in doing that, you mine your human, exert your human virtues, sense and exercise it on the spot each time, no rehearsal, no acting, no preemptive. Now, speaking of removing barriers to entry say from content-creation, with a ulog you can suddenly write about chemistry cos even if you didn’t know one chemical, you have the freedom to play and create new chemicals. Say you want to do a video about boron, you get into a culture of creating something say a video even if you pick two stones to rep boron and put it in the video, it becomes a ulog anc the world will find more knowledge from your ever dynamic reveleatiob and perhaps the world can better evolve. Ulog is no joke. It is spiritual in how it arrived. It may not be believed but at least I know. I just highlighted some aspects of it. In the long run, we create a new internet one that is ulog based, where content is ever dynamic, ever refreshing and that is surpassinggoogle search engine. In it, type the word ‘money’ and it could show you the address of the nearest atm, something unattainable on the regular internet based on blog and vlog because this internet made of ulog is you, u, humans etc. there will be one game and a blockchain but it will target everyanyone, returning value to human dynamically with a base made of content called ulog. But this internet is one upon where ‘content is queen’ to compliment traditional internet where ‘content’ is king. So ulogging can happen even as you blog or vlog. Just allow room for ulogging too, where you are allow to be your primary audience with your evolution the primary reward. This is rushed and I am in too much pain. No rest.

I just left you this so you know the overall vision and so you can direct others fully when you curate ulogs. Instead of resources image for instance, they can keep it all text and that is fine. For certain people, you can also show this broad message here


Thank you bro, this is really helpful.