My Ulogs # 2: Contest - A few words about @xpilar.

2개월 전

Greetings to all in this beautiful Community!

Today I find myself with this contest, I want to have a small participation.

My words about @xpilar, like all those who have a high level of reputation and followers in the Steemit and Hive, is that I admire his work, @xpilar is practically a pioneer, has been active since 2006 and has more than 4 thousand Followers, this is great, it is the result of great work.

I see in your publications something that I really like, and that is that @xpilar, through his competence on: "The image is made of imagination and own thoughts", @xpilar gave us in each publication some images and views of nature very exclusive and beautiful, thanks for that @xpilar.

I hope to continue enjoying your publications and that they teach us to make our imaginations fly.

A big hug, @xpilar, @surpassinggoogle, @marlians.

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Thanks for posting on 'Ulog' community, the essence of Ulog is to help you tap into your shine.

We appreciate your insght.

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