Cup Noodles For My Breakfast


Hello everyone!

I wake up this morning almost 10 am. 'Coz I had trouble sleeping last night. It's already dawn when I fall asleep. Now, I wake up really hungry. So, I get up and have something to eat. As usual all I have here are canned goods and noodles. The easiest way to fill in my hungry tummy is to eat noodles.


I prefer to eat the creamy seafoods cup noodles for my breakfast. I only boil water. And fill in the cup noodles with boiled water. I only waited for about 3 minutes and my hungry tummy got full.


Because I am still too sleepy, I will go back to my room and have some more sleep. Then, later I gonna go to my brother's place. I gonna stay there until 8 pm. 'Coz staying here in my room will makes me crazy, more depress and more stress thinking a lot of things.

Have a great day to us all!



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