Ulog - A Video Walk-Thru Of How Sophisticated The Fake 'Elon Musk Crypto-Giveaway Scam Is!

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While this fake 'Elon Mask' cryptocurrency giveaway covered in this publication is all quite sophisticated, you can find another level of sophistication in other such scams that i have covered in another publication here. These scams carry an air of sophistication because they propagate their scam in the persona of renown people with the seeming support of an entire renown enterprise called 'YouTube'...

See How People Are Running Bitcoin Halving Giveaway Scam, Masked With Big YouTube Channels. — Surpassinggoogle

In some cases, they automate the growth of YouTube channels, managing to get millions of YouTube subscribers and that revered 'YouTube verification button' and are able to carry out livestream-giveaways in the names of renown individuals (and with he appearance of 'thousands of viewers'), whereupon they lead you to a static HTML websites, that instructs you to part with your money.

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