Ulog - Reserved A Macrohard Hub & Bought A High-End PC. There Are Dates Now!


My battlest times in life is ongoing. It has been ongoing now for up to a year. I crash into deep rubble and drown into dirt. However, the models are set now; there are dates now!

Overcoming these particular battles and there will be breakthrough for me and many nations; there will be tons of revelations too; revelations tangible to the collective evolution of the globe.

I have never tasted happiness. When i do soon, it will be my very first ever taste of it. My role in 'the scheme of world affairs' is hefty. It is too heavy, hence i have the intenseset of battles and many of these aren't so physical. In the physical however, the toll has be devastatingly drastic on my body in recent times. In the past 2-months, i have come close to losing life twice. I won't lose life but i need to act fast!

I am extremely positive too and extremely loving. So, it is very established that i won't stop pushing. I need help and in recent times, i started asking for help even though reluctantly.

It has been so tough. However, i know that if i scale this particular bout of battles, there will be so much breakthrough for me and many, for there are dates now!

In recent times, i started to pursue 'the setup of a physical hub called 'Macrohard', to be located near my house in the Philippines' and even though i have began to ask 'help' to accomplish this near-term goal, it has been so hard still.

My health has deteriorated so drastically so fast, that everything has shattered before my eyes. I have never 'owed' before for instance, now i have owned 5-months of rent and we are approaching the 6th. I have never taken a loan either but in recent times, even though i still haven't taken one because it is hard for me to get one here, i have considered taking one several times.

Altogether, i push still! A hub may not the be the ultimate solution but it is a 'balanced solution', timely in the near-term, especially as it will help me in my quest to recover health, while allowing me to continue to take care of my dad who is ill. (This solution came from deep insight)

The pandemic came about and hampered my ability to find a hub that meets all my parameters, let alone pay for it.

While you will think that pandemic will lessen price of goods and services in the Philippines due to shortage in 'customers', it heighten 'prices'. People want to make the most of the few customers that come their way and well, what can i do.

At this stage, even if i accrued money sufficient for paying up my 'owed rent', i will have to postpone that a bit in favor of renting a hub-space. Paying my owed-rent now, i will not be able to set up a hub and 'all will come to a naught' as all my finances are close to exhausting entirely, in the Philippines, where i practically can't work a secular job and where i must take care of my dad.

I was out to buy a PC for our impending hub two days ago and it was expensive than normal. The regularly busy marketplace was empty, yet prices of items was high. They practically tell you that there are no customers and the few customers have to make do with high prices.

I ended up buying a PC though, a high-end PC, with a 'GTX 1650 4GB graphic card'.

This is a near-term positive and takes me one step closer to setting up our hub. Again, finding the perfect hub at an affordable price in these times, has been so difficult. One reason that this has been the case is, 'i can only rent a hub located near my house' and i live in an expensive area. My intention prior to the pandemic was to leave my location and relocate to a cheaper location, then find a likely cheaper hub near the new location but the pandemic-related lock-down came about, preventing me from leaving my current location and amassing 5-months of owed-rent as a result.

Now that it is a establish that i will end up staying in this expensive area for the entire year tenure, i will have to find a hub in this locality and near my house regardless of how expensive.

To be effective at all with this hub venture in the near-term thus, i will have had to raise enough money to pay '6-months rent' minimum and raising that large amount at once has proved difficult. Finding the right hub has proved difficult too. 'I find a hub near my locality and it is either too small or too expensive or not near enough to my house.' 

Finally, i found a hub that just 'walking distance' from my house but it has only one window and you practically can't breathe in it. The hub is quite large and has just the "perfect distance" but this large hub has only one window and that window is on the road-side, where when opened births too much external noise.

A major part of our hub 'success' will come from 'media-creation', meaning we need a sound-proof hub; thus, in this particular hub, considering how hot and humid it is, it is obvious that we will need a split unit air-conditioner to use, whenever we are there. Through this pandemic period, utility bills especially 'electricity' skyrocketed too.

In my house for instance, with only one small air-conditioner and one TV, the electricity-bill in the past 4-months have been more than '100 USD' per month.

Nevertheless, I have reserved the said 'hub' for a period, with hopes that i can raise money to pay for it in the nearest term.

Here, to reserve such hub for a period of 2 weeks, 'an average size hub', you need to pay them '100 USD', which becomes theirs if after two weeks, you don't end up getting the hub.

Altogether, i am inspired right now and that is behind the making of this ulog. I have bought 'one high-end PC' of the three that i intend to buy to start the hub and i have reserved the hub for a period too, in a bid to accelerate my zest to further raise money to rent the hub and well, i have visited this hub several times, to be in it, in order to incite and sustain my inspiration and hopefully, this 'Macrohard hub' will enter motion soonest.

I do have some fears though which we will overcome and it has to do with the state of the Philippines in these 'pandemic times'. Till date, most business centers aren't functional and many businesses have closed. There aren't even functioning jeepneys across Metro-Manila, the cheapest transportation-means.

There is a still a lock-down, 'a milder one than that that existed months back' but there is a strong linger of the old lock-down, with places of gatherings constantly inspected and in some cases raided, to put people in prison for disregarding social-distancing laws.

Since my aim with the hub in the nearest of terms is to 'rendezvous people', will the current state of the nation not affect the very advent and existence of my hub to drastic measures? When i am able to setup of this hub within these times, will i be able to attain my 'projected impact' in the coming 6-months? Will i waste my investment in the coming '6-months', if i am not able to gather people as planned? Will be people be afraid of rendezvousing at the hub in these times?

There is no doubt that i have to set up the 'Macrohard hub' asap regardless of the situation, to have any potential of impact. Without setting up this hub, there is nothing else i can do in the nearest term in the face of my weak health, that holds any potential of generating an income for the sustenance of my household and well, for offsetting my 'owed rent'.

Note that this 'Macrohard hub' isn't set out as a business-venture. Even in my battlest of times, it intends to become 'a world-impacting venture' primarily. This means, that besides my investment into the setup of the hub, i will spend the first set of months, investing in the hub and in its attendees even financially. Where the 'Macrohard hub' begins to generate a revenue, that will occur in the longer term, beginning to trickle in gradually at 'month 3'. (Read about the plans for Macrohard's success.)

I am positive!

Where i am able to gather up to '3 hundred people', create a solid network made up of '50 brothers' and stem forth up to '300 videos (media)' in the first '6 months' of Macrohard's life, that is success!

In these period too, 'ulogs.org, marlians.com and steemgigs.org should have reached their 'beta-stage of development' and the 'Teardrops digital currency' should have been set into motion.

Alas, after these 6-months, i intend to have my first 'rest' ever. I will leave 'phones, the internet etc' and focus of restructuring my brain and well-being, restoring it back by Jehovah's grace to that of a normal being. Then, let the motions begin. Surpassinggoogle it is!

"There are dates now!" @surpassinggoogle

Your Boy Terry


I am currently running a kickstarter (crowdfunding) directly on Facebook, whereupon you can support this endeavor with a donation. To become a donor: https://bit.ly/macrohard

Kindly note: To date, i have funded the development of ‘3 online start-ups’ that focuses on the Philippines’ audience, up to their ‘alpha’ stage. You can find an example of these start-ups on ‘https://marlians.com’. It currently has 2,000 user-profiles!

‘Macrohard’ is a physical venture starting out in the Philippines, that will compliment our online ventures.

Value Proposition For Donors:

Where we have a accrued a solid base of ‘100–500 Hub members’ consisting of ‘brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs, brother-experts’, we will look to help build and promote noble projects/initiatives on behalf of our supporters at a minimal cost or for free. For instance, we can dedicate 50-videos from 50-brothers/sisters to propagating your brand or initiative, have someone code your tool/project or have a brother/sister create your brand-graphics etc.

Other ways we would like to help?

  • We can create an event in the Philippines dedicated to your cause or enterprise.
  • We can create an online-movement in relation to your enterprise or cause.
  • etc.

Being a community-inclined initiative, we will focus on empowering youths of the Philippines, emanating ‘entrepreneurs and experts’ across a variety of industries. Together, we will dynamically produce ‘Philippines-borne innovations’, impacting the Philippines directly and contributing to the progress of the Philippines in the global eye.

I currently have an online community made up of 5,000 Filipinos, focused on the ‘freelancing’ industry. At this stage of our evolution, it has become paramount to have a physical rendezvous avenue in the form of a ‘hub’ to enhance our impact in the physical Philippines.

Note: Another easy way to contribute to our seed-fund now, is by purchasing a t-shirt from our Teespring apparel store.

Proceeds from sales, will also go towards the setup of our Macrohard hub.

Let Us Work Together On Your Challenge

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