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Our community is all about fitness. If we must be fit physically, we equally need to be fit in other areas that matters.

In this community, we want to expand and explore social interactiveness within steem through brain exercise.

What we hope to do on brain exercise.

Brain exercise focuses on creative writing. It will allow members of the community to showcase their creative skills. Members and non-members can show their talents on topics of interest and comment meaningfully to allow for social interaction.

The primary niche is health related matters. Through brain exercise, we will bring up topics relating to health and the general wellbeing of all involved.

Brain exercise will equally look into emotional health of members and all. Emotional issues are as serious as the physical ones. If a physical challenge can hinder one from fulfilling his task on #steemit community, then an emotional challenge poses more potent threat. Through brain exercise, we hope that members would get practical suggestions of their worries.

How it will function.

1: We will roll out subjects weekly for members to participate in.

We will watch members on coherency and logical development of their work. Good work need to be practical, clear and unambiguous. For example, clarity may require a topical presentation of material. References need to be cited to back up claims when and where necessary.

2: Users will suggest topics.
  • Users can suggest topics by putting it up as questions or queries?

Check out below situation.


For example, a user can ask:
"how can I improve my focus? I am mostly distracted lately. Any help?" - Ben22

"My husband sleeps out lately, when I ask him why he will always tell me that he had one meeting or the other. He seem to be giving less time for the family. What do I do?" - Anny01

" Is sex really a sin since I have the urge?" - sophy19

Members can then make contributions as a response to the query. We hope that the contributors will discuss practical suggestions to the enquiry and users can write without ambiguity.

A better level of brain exercise.

When someone do not want to reveal his personal issues, He can present it as a story using fictional characters and allow for contribution of community members.

For example, a lady tells a story of a woman whose husband sleeps out and gives flimsy excuses. After writing the story, she asks for comments.

Community members will write their responses as suggestions.

We will reward meaningful commenters with votes as well as the author. On most cases, the comments or response when written well may have even higher votes.

Meaningful comments
  • are not shot but highlights aspects of the work to which makes more sense and to which the commenter benefits. When a comment is creative, it adds value and thus will be rewarded.
  • Are clear and valuable response to a query
  • Are clear suggestions on how to solve a problem.
  • Are detailed work and not a shabby presentation.


Brain exercise tries to capture a lot of things at the same time. It is like a forum for indepth discussions by community members. It is both a place where writing skills can be showcased and a place to solve problems.

It's main focus is on health, both physical and emotional.

We hope that members will find the brain exercise both fun and helpful.



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In fact, the Brain Exercise is a welcomed development, a sure way to remain active and agile emotionally, physically and otherwise. Thank you for throwing more light on this project.


You are welcome @meymeyshops, we want to make steemit more social by building a community with great interaction amidst it's users.

Steemfitnesshub will achieve great things and make the community more fun


I agree with you, Coach.