AI - Is it a fad, fiction, doomsday or opportunity?

6개월 전

I and @ddrfr33k are having an interesting conversation about AI in my latest post on the (new) economics of self driving cars and I thought to throw it out to the wider steemit community to see what you all think about AI.

Source: - AI can be as fictitious as a flying unicorn

@ddrfr33k largely thinks AI is somewhere between a fad and fiction and I argue it's somewhere between a doomsday scenario and an opportunity (of course, depending on where you sit on the divide). In the post, I likened AI to a car (or train) traveling at 100 mph towards you - it makes no sense debating how long it will take before the train hits you, as it's an almost certainty that it will if you don't take action and get out of the way immediately! If we fail to act now, AI will hit humanity and for the unprepared (doomsday scenario), just like the impact of a moving train, the consequences might not be good. However, for the prepared (opportunity), just like you see in the movies, one can actually pull off a Tom Cruise and jump on the 100 mph moving train to euphoria!

Source: - Someone once told me that artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be the antichrist.

What do you think? Where do you sit on this spectrum of AI prediction? Fad, fiction, doomsday or opportunity? Why do you believe what you believe about AI? Is there any event that has to happen to change your beliefs?

For example, AI has beaten the grand masters in complex games such as chess and the Chinese game Go. that one wonders what else are we waiting for to realize that AI means business? Are you an AI optimist (like myself who believes so much in the promise of AI) a cynic (also like myself who believes AI will be calamitous for the unprepared) or just plain agnostic (like @ddrfr33k who thinks AI a'int all its hyped to be)?

I would love to hear from you.



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