Using a beneficiary on Steemit?

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I've been on steemit for over a week now and plan to build a community around the intersection of AI and Finance (I started a series on the future of AI and here are the links for parts 1 and 2 of the series).

However, it's been hard gaining traction and reading through several posts of other relatively new content creators here, I started to come to the conclusion that steemit's model might be flawed and skewed against new entrants to the ecosystem.

Just as I was about to give up, I came across @acidyo post here on incentivized curation and I thought I should give it a try with this post and see how it goes.

If this works, I'll sure start using the hive-174578 community for my blogging going forward and will expect my success (hopefully) will inspire another newbie to steem feeling the way I did to do something similar.

Happy Steeming!


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Welcome! As you can see we will be focusing on most posts that get published in our community and engaging + curating in them. As long as your content is yours and original it has a place here but of course if it's about something that none of our curators understand it could be difficult to curate. Over time with the growth of the community and our curation team I don't thing we will encounter such problems much and we're also looking forward to be able to welcome other languages through our community as well as our team speaks a lot of them. :)


Thanks @acidyo! This already is the highest number of votes I've gotten for any post in just a few hours! I have a feeling you and your team have just solved a huge problem for so many new entrants to Steemit! Like someone else commented (and paraphrasing now) - "you saw a problem and did something about it".

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