Preparing Spice, Marinated Marjoram at Home.

4개월 전

Greetings to all in this beautiful Community!

Spend time at home today to prepare ground marjoram, it is a more comfortable way to apply to food: meat, chicken, soups and fish, and salads.

To cook we always have several spices to season our food. In particular, sometimes I buy marjoram already processed in supermarkets, generally there are different brands of supermarkets.

The marjoram I already bought dry on the market, the sticks of the plant come in the bag, so it is necessary to remove the sticks, from the marjoram, then place it in a strainer and leave us ground.

You can see that I was moving the dried marjoram in a strainer with a spoon, and it came out ground.

This is a more natural way to add spices to our meals, we take advantage of its properties and allow us to enjoy its flavor.

Marjoram is useful to improve appetite, they have anti-inflammatory effects, in particular I use it a lot because it helps the balance of female hormones and menstruation.

This is my ground marjoram, ready to use in the kitchen.

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