Drawing a portrait (234)

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б 005.jpg

Hello everybody!

Today I want to show you a portrait of a wonderful Russian actor.
The portrait is made with a simple pencil in A-4 format.
I publish the step-by-step version in scanned form.


б 001.jpg

б 002.jpg

б 003.jpg

б 004.jpg

б 005.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my post.
Until next time, Friends!

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That is really amazing!

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Hive witness,


Thank you sincerely!

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Wow Fantastic.


I am sincerely grateful to you!

Did you really used only A4 pencil? Wow it is amazing. How did you managed to got those shading effects? Just fascinating.
Do you sketch for living?
Anyways god bless you, Hope you flourish always.


Yes, I only use a regular pencil. Thank you for your kind words!


Yes, I only use
A regular pencil. Thank
You for your kind words!

                 - alkor

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is a lovely portrait, great work.


Thank you very much!