The importance of music in your life: adults, children and people with disabilities


There are people who cannot live without music, on a professional or personal level. Others do not introduce it into their lives, because they may not have experienced the importance and benefits of music in their lives. I belong to the first group:


Do you know all the benefits of music?
Listening to music generates numbers of brain stimuli that directly influence important aspects of life such as mood, anxiety or stress. In fact, music therapy is already included as an effective treatment in many hospitals.

I describe below some of the benefits of music in our lives:

  • It reduces anxiety
  • It improves memory and mental stimulation
  • It reduces stress
  • It brings peace of mind
  • It improves mood and increases optimism
  • It reduces headache

Music therapy for people with disabilities

Music therapy is especially indicated to treat some specific disorders such as autism, depression or anxiety.
Music therapy in people with physical disabilities also helps strengthen muscles and perform breathing exercises.
In conclusion, music therapy for people with disabilities can provide numerous benefits and improvement of skills:

  • Motor: coordination, balance, muscle strengthening.
  • Social: reinforces interaction and empathy with other people.
  • Cognitive: improvement of the learning process and concentration.
  • Emotional: better management of emotions, stress and anxiety

Music and children
Thanks to its evocative power and the stimulation it provides, music can help achieve children's goals.

  • It stimulates their intelligence, creativity and capacity of solving problems.
  • It helps to improve children's movement and physical condition
  • It helps channel energy and feelings.
  • It improves the introduction of language, sounds and meanings.
  • It relieves fear and sadness, and boosts self-esteem
  • It helps channel emotions.

In addition, the importance of music in the development of premature children has been demonstrated.

I always give a touch of musicality to my life: listening, playing or composing.
I am currently practicing with my new Cordoba guitar, which has allowed me to improve my skills a lot.


Previously I had a CLEVER guitar, basic, with which I started in the world of music.

I also have a ukulele that I like to play from time to time or combine with the guitar.


Put music in your life and change it!

All photos are taken by me !!

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Thank you for your support and have a good night!!


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Excellent publication!

I love music, it totally relaxes me. Every time I clean my house I play music and my mood changes immediately, the same happens when I'm sad.
Nice job @aminealaoui.