Beautiful Farewell. Message from our best friend.


To my best friend.

"Human, I see that you are crying because my time to leave has come. Please do not cry, I want to explain some things to you. You are sad because I have left, and I am happy because I met you. How many like me die daily without having met Someone special? Animals sometimes spend so much time alone to our luck! We only know the cold, the thirst, the danger, the hunger. We have to worry about how we will get something to eat and where we will spend the night sheltered. We see many faces all the days that pass without looking at us, and sometimes it is better that they do not even look at us before they realize that we are there and they mistreat us. Sometimes we have the enormous luck that among so many people an angel passes by and picks us up. Sometimes the angels come In a group and organized, sometimes there are other angels far away who send help to us. And there everything changes. If necessary, they take us with other types of angels who know a lot and give us remedies so that we can heal. They choose a A rare word that is pronounced every time they see us, "name" I think they say and there we feel special, we stop being anonymous, we are one of many. And we know what a house is! Do you have any idea how important that is to us? We don't have to be afraid anymore, no more hunger or cold or pain or danger. If you could tell how happy that makes us. For us, any house is a palace! We are no longer worried if it is going to rain, if a very light car passes or if someone will harm us. And mainly we are no longer alone because no animal likes solitude, what more could you ask for?

I know you are sorry for my departure but I had to leave now. I want to ask you not to blame yourself for anything, I heard you sob that you should have done something more for me. Don't say that, you did a lot for me! Without you I would not have known all the beauty that I take with me today. You must know that we animals live the present intensely and that we are very wise: we enjoy every little thing of every day and we forget the bad of the past quickly. Our lives begin when we know love, the same love that you have given me, my angel without wings and with two legs. You should know that even when you find an animal that is very serious and has only a short time left in this world, you do it an enormous service by accompanying it in its final transition. As I told you before, none of us like to be alone, especially when we realize that we are about to leave. It may not be important to you, but the fact that one of you is next to us caressing us and holding our paws helps us to go in peace.

Do not Cry anymore. I'm leaving happy. I take the memory of the name you gave me, the warmth of your home that during this time became mine. I take the sound of your voice speaking to me even though I don't always understand what you were saying. I carry in my heart every caress you gave me. Everything you did for me was very valuable and I thank you infinitely, I don't know how to tell you because I don't speak your language but surely in my eyes you have seen my gratitude.

I'm going to ask you only two favors. Wash your face and start smiling. Remember how nice we have lived together in this time, remember the antics he did to cheer you up. Relive like me all the good things about this timeshare. And do not say that you will no longer adopt another animal because you have suffered so much with my departure. Without you I would not have lived how beautiful I lived. Please do not do that! There are as many as me waiting for someone like you. Give them what you have given me please, they need it just as I needed it. Do not keep the love you have to give for fear of suffering.

Follow my advice and treasure the good that you share with each of us, recognizing that you are an angel to us animals and that without people like you our lives would be more difficult than they sometimes are. Continue with your noble task, now it is my turn to be your angel. I will be accompanying you on your way and helping you to help others like me. I will talk to other animals that are here with me, I will tell them everything you have done for me and I will point out and proudly say "that is my family". My first task now is to help you from here to not be sadder.

Tonight when you look at the sky and see a blinking star I want you to know that it is me winking at you, letting you know that I arrived well and saying thanks for the love you have given me. I say goodbye for now not saying goodbye but UNTIL THEN. There is a special heaven for people like you, the same heaven where we go and life rewards us by meeting again there. "

I will be waiting!

I have to confess that this post is not mine and that I found it on Facebook without identifying its creator and that for things I lost track of the portal, but I will leave a link to a portal dedicated to the protection of animals, which also has it aforementioned. But going to the matter, this sorrow and unknown always haunts us as children, I remember a dog of mine that died so young (I thought of my innocence and ignorance), which by the way was a cute dog, as we know in Peru to the dogs that they are not of race, I wondered why if I was only 15 years old; and well as an adult, the reason is known and unfortunately it is so unfair.


Finally, I hope you like this beautiful reflection; which is a message from them to us, what they would tell us or actually tell us with their attitude, without saying words. In this way, the truth and above all the lesson that leaves us humans as an example to follow as a rational animal that we are. I await your comments and experiences. Without more I say goodbye.

Greetings and thanks friends of Steemit.


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