I Robot. And the three basic rules for the future.

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"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom".

Greetings friends of Steemit.

Returning to the science fiction theme, after time, about artificial intelligence, this time I wanted to take up this theme that this film shows us, which left me with the idea that if ever in our reality, these humanoids were created, they would be like those posed in this production. Let's see one of the first productions about robots of the new century, with great success, let's learn more about "Yo Robot".

"I, Robot" is an American science fiction film released in 2004. Directed by Alex Proyas and starring Will Smith. This film is inspired by a compilation of stories and series of Caliban by Isaac Asimov, in addition to the Caliban book by Isaac Asimov, written by Roger MacBride Allen.



In the year 2035, robots are devices that we use every day and that we trust in our day-to-day tasks, except for a paranoid detective (Will Smith), investigating what only he believes is a crime perpetrated by a robot. After the death of a renowned robot creator scientist, Detective Spooner receives a message after his death, leaving him some clues to investigate his death, but within this there is something more important.

The case leads him to discover something even worse that threatens the human race. Guided by his distrust of robots, he meddles in U.S. facilities. Robotics. Being in this way, a target to disappear, by someone who pulls the strings within the technology company, and the origin of that source is the one Spooner wants to find.

This futuristic production inspired by other very visionary works, including those of Isaac Asimov, who with his compilation book of "I, Robot" stories, published in the 50s, was ahead of its time even when these robots were not in the minds of many scientists, and today we can already find prototypes and even designs that already help human beings, and all this seen by this visionary in the style of Jules Verne himself.

In this way, as in Isamov's books, this production carries its three basic rules for robots, surely these same rules will be the ones that will be a vital norm in the future reality.

Never out of tune, Will Smith is as if he was made for this type of production and above all that charisma and naturalness that he transmits, makes us truly believe what happens in that dystopian world. Even the same character from the NS5 robot or called Sonny, who would become the co-star of this production, has a role and a great performance being done with computerized means, his facial gestures are extremely surprising.

While it is true, this work does not become a masterpiece or cult, since it does not delve into Isamov's vision, this production is very entertaining and made for the whole family, it is bearable and without complications, or issues; something we do see other times, in more complex and profound works.

Finally, this is a very popular movie, it is difficult for me to believe that they have not seen it, in the same way I recommend it for those who have not, and as always I await your comments; if they were conformed with the plot or if it was perhaps necessary to delve deeper into the subject of humanoids and coexistence with humans. I leave that question, without further ado I say goodbye.

Grettings and thank you for the support.


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