Another Cool Battle with Mimosa

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Mimosa in a low-mana battle

By now Mimosa Nightshade has establish herself as a formidable summoner. She is used, dare I say widely, but may be not as widely as she should be. This is primarily because of two reasons:

  1. Mimosa is a 7 mana summoner; it is hard to use her in below 30 mana battles
  2. Still not a whole bunch of people got her

However, since prices are back to below $10 range for Mimosa, I recommend getting her ASAP. I got her maxed and use her frequently. She makes my life easy as I climb through the ranks during late season in @splinterlands. I experiment a lot with her, and below is an example of using Mimosa at a 19 mana battle :). That is low in any standard!

Screenshot 20200412 at 8.54.58 AM.png

Battle Link

My TeamOpponent's Team
Mimosa NightshadeZintar Mortalis
Lord of DarknessHaunted Spirit
Skeleton AssassinUndead Priest
Fallen SpecterUndead Archer
Furious ChickenHaunted Spider
-Highland Archer
-Creeping Ooze

Battle rules were "Unprotected": So monsters do not have any armor and do not get any armor from Abilities or Summoner Buffs. In cases like this I like to have the Lord of Darkness and Corrupted Pegasus pair, but that was too high mana for this case. So I chose Sketal Assassin for its Snipe and Poison abilities from back of the line. Fallen Specter works really well Mimosa, for low mana and all those abilities; especially Demoralize, Headwinds, and Blind.


Mimosa invoke Void to all friendly and Affliction to all enemy monsters and reduced the opponent range attacker by 1. Therefore, if you watch the battle, you will see, every single range attack to the Lord of Darkness was a miss, thanks to the Fallen Specter, and also every single magic attack to the Lord were also a miss, thanks to Mimosa. Therefore, the only damage the Lord of Darkness got was from melee attack, which it retaliates. Bottom line, even without a healer it was an easy win.

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You should corner the market and then rent them out!


There are players with 50+ of them :)

It’s an artificial scarcity.

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