Covid-19 Update

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Covid-19 Update April 24, 2020

First things first; I am no expert of this subject of Covid-19 or Novel Coronavirus. I was checking some statistics for my family and my team at work and I found the following information quite useful for an educated guess based on the public information we have at hand. This is for my personal use only.

Currently this is the way Global Covid-19 numbers look. The stats are still alarming, but there are signs of improvement.



I was looking at the US cases now. It has been more than a month that I am working from home. I do go out for walk from time to time and do groceries, but that's about it.

Comparing Spain numbers with the US, to get an understand when and where we can reach about half the cases from the peak.
As you can see that daily new cases in the US peaked around early April, but its been 3 weeks since then but the cases are still very high.

Looks like Spain required a month to get the new cases reduced by about half. A month is not quite here for us in the US, but seems like our plateau is quite high, and seems to me it will be unlikely that we will get there.

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The numbers appear to be slowing.
This is good news.
We all need to just stay home a little longer and keep creating and sharing on the Blogs.

Stay safe good brother.

Thanks for this information.

Thanks for sharing @azircon. Here in my country, the Philippines, there are 7,192 confirmed positive cases as of today. There is a lockdown in the main island of Luzon and community quarantine across the country. Those areas that have more cases are those with high population density, and the places where people do not follow the strict social distancing guidelines. Stay safe and healthy.