Featured Monster: GOBLIN MECH

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Use of GOBLIN MECH in Splinterlands ;

I just saw that @splinterlands is running a SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! The featured monster for this week is Goblin Mech. I though that I have death quest, I might as well use the Goblin Mech. I actually use 'it'(?) quite a bit and I have 'him'(?) maxed.

I do have the Goblin Mech maxed, as I use it for high mana battles. As you can see from the stats that Goblin Mech is a tank, packs a lot of punch in the melee battle. Piercing and Stun are both excellent abilities to be had, especially in mirror matches. As you will see from the battle, I have used both abilities effectively.


This is a Death vs Life Splinter battle. But my opponent's summoner was Mother Kala, which works like Lyanna the Earth Summoner. This gave me an advantage in the common (& rare) only battle rule. I used the legendary death summoner Crypt Mancer, which is far superior in this case.


The most interesting thing about this battle is that both of us used the Goblin Mech in the front position, mine is level 10 and opponent's was Level 7. However, that was not the main difference. I was able to take its shield out, by using Undead Archer. Therefore, it couldn't survive very long.


Battle Link

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