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Use of Vigilator in high-mana battle

I haven't been playing much @splinterlands lately, even this very late in the season. Today however, was trying to catch up and get to Champion 2 league, where I have been ending in the last few seasons. With about 5 hours left, and I am currently in lower Champion 3, I do not think that will happen. But I did fought a nice battle recently, where I will be featuring The Vigilator:

As you can see from the stat below; at Level 4; The Vigilator has Double Strike, Thron and Poison abilities. The reason The Vigilator shines at high mana battle is due to all three abilities. In addition it has dual typing, both range and melee attack at the same time. Especially during super sneak battle rule it is formidable. Only problem is it costs 9 mana! But this battle that I am going to feature is a 50 mana battle, where this is not going to be a problem.


As you can see from the lineup that it is a fairly even team on the both side. Both teams are maxed legendary teams. However, I got lucky on the Summoner choice. My Summoner Camila does the exact opposite of what opponents Summoner Daria does. So essentially the opponent is not getting any summoner buff.


The most interesting thing about this battle is Kron is neutralized in that position by Vigilator. Also another element is my usage of Diamond Dragon in the equivalent last position, and the poor performance of Dragon Jumper because of the debuff from Camila. Together, both the Vigilator and the Diamond Dragon sealed the deal for me.


Battle Link

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Congrats on the win! Nice strategy and vigilator seems quite a nice monster.


yes, works out fine on high mana games


Awesome 😊