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A man stands upon a high bluff, overlooking an empire. His eyes strain to see it's limits, but they cannot be found. He resonates on the road that he has traveled. To some, it may have seemed obscure, but to him it still feels as it did in the beginning.

Maybe, the road started from a broken place. The journeyman, now risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes of his past.

Maybe, the empire below was a birthright, bestowed by familial prominence.

No matter where this journey began, the successes of it's conquest have never been without honest sweat. Each step took effort. It took integrity, intelligence and insight.

Once a journeyman --now an emperor.

Each of us are the master of our own success. With hard work and relentless persistence, we strive against the powerful currents of life. When the river pulls us under, we don't give up. We swim HARDER, and we get STRONGER.

With each success, we reflect on what we did right. Why? Because history repeats itself. We spend time reflecting on what works, and what doesn't work. We refine our methods by practice, so that we can strike down tougher obstacles, with confidence.

The person standing upon that hill, is one of the many businessmen or women that work hard every day in the effort of keeping their business healthy and thriving. Each one has their own empire, no matter how small or large. Every empire takes special care, in order to grow. Our empires, are our cultivation of success in life, and the legacy that we leave behind for our children and the generations to come.

Sometime around 2300 B.C., a child of illegitimate birth, was sealed in a basket and cast into a river. His journey started in the torrents of water that swept him from the place of his birth, to a man named, Akki. Akki, raised the boy as his own son and the boy he raised had an epic journey ahead of him.

His name would later become, Sargon. He was the first in known human history to build a multi-national empire. From the first multi-national empire, would come the world's first recorded author, his daughter.

Her name was, Enheduanna, and she had great influence over the empire through her literary skill. Her father, also saw the power of the written (or etched) word, and he developed the world's first postal system. It used cuneiform Akkadian script, which was wrapped in clay, to ensure confidentiality. It could not be opened, without breaking the clay. This protected the message until it reached it's intended audience.

Though, Sargon might not have been as creative, in a literary sense, he still saw the power in his daughter's words. Words are influential. Throughout history, writers have used words to influence the masses. The test of time has proven this, an iron-clad truth.

Sargon, like many other great rulers, understood the power of communication. Empires, like businesses, are built entirely of people. Communication is the framework that makes this possible.

Good writing, can be the difference between gaining the kind of support that is needed in a journey. It closes the communication gap between the visionary and their audience. It introduces people to the fiery entrepreneur, and it spotlights the project of those who seek success.

That is my journey. To build an empire, by helping you build yours. You love your journey, and I love mine.

Through the use of compelling words, I want to help you to shed light on what you love. I want to help you to succeed, by making your audience feel like we are reading their minds.

Do you want to build your empire?

I fundamentally dissect the mind of a target audience for the most effective writing, by relating with them in an onslaught of creative flow.

Is this what you need?

Hit me up and let's engage and conquer!

Thank you for reading,


Jonathan Caleb Williams (EMPathways Writing)

P.S. I am open to writing content for the price of STEEM. I think that it would be beneficial to the platform if we could begin developing a marketplace for goods and services. At first, this kind of thing will be on a trust-basis. Eventually I hope that we can come up with some sort of STEEM-escrow service. I'm not sure how to go about it, but it sure would be cool to see! What do you think?

I created this graphic art for my brand using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

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Wow babe!! This is incredibly good.
What a beautiful mind ... Yours is, and the picture of the one you created , I absolutely love it .


I love you, I love you, and... you get the picture... but I'm gonna tell you anyway... (mental image screen of reader mind is yanked into our reality, just as I jump up and swing over to give her a big fat kiss) I LOVE YOU!