"CAN FISH SEE WATER," Ranks #5 For Traffic to Steemit!?!?


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Hey guys!

Check this crazy fact out!

I was busy doing some SEO research on Steemit.com and came upon a very interesting, very cool discovery.

For those of you that are unaware of what 'SEO' is, it means Search Engine Optimization.

Basically, it is the ranking of a site and its pages in Google search engine.

The higher the ranking, the higher a site appears in search results in Googles engine for certain specific keyword strings.

For example, 250,000 people a month may search for, "how to record a clip on XBOX ONE without Kinect."

If there are not many sites that cover this topic with this EXACT keyword string (while answering the question with pertinent information) then a website has a good chance of ranking higher in the Google search results - consequently, generating more traffic.

My discovery about Steemit.com's ranking in Google is pretty fun and crazy, so let's check it out.

An article called, "Can Fish See Water," written by @sarahben, is #5 on the list for driving traffic to Steemit.com!

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That's right!

This article ranks #1 in Google search results when searching this EXACT keyword string (it is the very first result.)

The keyword string, "can fish see water" is currently searched an approximate 4,400 times monthly by Google searchers globally!

This means that this single article can generate thousands of views to Steemit.com, increasing Steemit.com's overall exposure greatly!

So why is this short simple article working to generate so much traffic to Steemit?


...that is seldom answered by other websites!

This article's success for Steemit may have been a complete accident (or not,) but whether accidental or intentional - IT WORKS!

So, if we are trying to get more exposure for Steemit.com, we can make some projections based on the effect this simple article is having on Steemit, and we can RE-CREATE THE SUCCESS!

So, HOW Do We RE-CREATE This Steemit Success?

We can do a few things to do this. The more people that engage in this behavior, the more exposure our beloved community will receive from inbound, curious traffic who want to join!

Brainstorm for a Topic With Unanswered Questions

  • What SPECIFIC topics do you enjoy, that the web doesn't cover well?

  • What questions do you have about the topic, and which of those questions do you think others might wonder too?

Ask yourself these questions and begin to form an idea of what other people are also asking.

If the topic is too broad, narrow it down. There is competition for exposure on the web and some topics are too well covered to beat the competition.

  • (e.g. you will not likely beat any other site for information with the keywords, "Best Video Game!" Thousands of sites have these keywords covered with stacks of pages. YOU'll NEVER GET SEEN!)

However, if you use the dropdown menu in Google that shows 'possible searches' you can get an idea of a more specific sub-topic that people are searching on Google.

Maybe, "best video game to play in your pajamas." (This is just an example, and I don't know if this keyword string actually ranks in Google.)

  • "Best Video Games to Play in Your Pajamas," is likely to have MUCH less competition on the web, as it is much more specific.

In order to find out what keywords have a large search volume with little competition, you can get a rough idea with this free tool: The Hoth Keyword Planner

You punch in a keyword string and this simple free tool will show you some ideas for keywords around your topic, their search volume, and the competition level you will be facing if you use those certain keyword strings.

  • Find some keyword strings that have LOW competition levels and HIGH search volume!

  • Write them down, and fit them into your articles.

If you aren't sure what to write, you can discover niche forums where people ask questions.

Find questions where the person asking DIDN'T RECEIVE AN ANSWER!

If you see someone saying, "I haven't been able to find this answer on the web," THAT'S YOUR KEY TO EXPOSURE!

  • Answer the question with pertinent information that answers what other websites failed to answer.

  • Use the exact, low-competition, high-search-volume keyword strings you discovered within your writing. (Make sure they are WORD-FOR-WORD or they won't accomplish the results you seek!)


We can increase the power and draw of Steemit's community by using niche articles and answering UNANSWERED questions across the web.

These are classic SEO tools that all SMART BUSINESSES use to generate traffic to their websites.


Thank you, hope you enjoyed!

P.S. Sorry I haven't been around much, I've been working really hard and learning a lot, BUT I'LL BE BACK EVENTUALLY AND I STILL BELIEVE IN STEEMIT!


By @badseedalchemist

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