Event- Original Darkwave Electronica


Just finished this new little piece. I titled it "Event" and it the music is made up of around twenty different instruments. I created and sculpted the sound of each of them and played with all kinds of effects to create this sound. If you enjoy it, please take a moment to Subscribe to my channel as well! I would greatly appreciate it! I'll be posting more eventually.

I used a program called LMMS to create this, if you are interested in trying your skills out. The program can be found for free on GitHub and is a lot of fun. the learning curve is a little steep if you don't know what you are doing (like I didn't, at first.) I still have a ton to learn, but I'm getting the hang of it pretty quick I think.

So here you go, this is called, "Event." It's a little different, so I hope you like it!

Did you like it? If you did, please take a moment to Subscribe to my channel! Thanks again... Let me know what you think??

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I like it very much.


Thank you I'm glad you do. I'm glad to have received your feedback. Everyone has different tastes, so I want to know what people think. Appreciate you!

Great stuff, well done, you mixed or arranged the sounds well. Never used LMMS, but you have just has a little too much air and distortion ect in your mix and if you want a beefier clearer sound. First thing you should do is edit and equalize each sound and give them max volume only to the point that they are not becoming distorted and sound nice with a sound editor like cool edit. Then in your daw make sure every sound is in its right key and select that key for your sounds, drums ect in your piano roll and then EQ them and remove any bad sounding frequencies or ugly sounds. Use a vst like Loud Max to increase the volumes of your sounds to make them beefier, but turn down your volume on your instruments in the mixer and make everything sound pretty. Use a clipper vst on each instrument to stop them clipping and becoming distorted and use a clipper on your master channel. Then just find a good compressor preset on a compressor that improves your mix and sounds the best and try different compressors until you find the best sound for your track. I usually just use maximus and preset max volume or sometimes the clear master preset. If everything is mixed properly and you leave headroom in your mix. Max Volume in maximus is best choice. Of course once you understand how compressors work you can fiddle with it a bit more and improve your low end or mids or high end on tracks. Check out my tracks on Dtube https://steemit.com/dtube/@thegangstars/pcr0jwaci0bI'M A GANGSTA copy.jpg