Positive Feedback for @themilkymark, WOW you're doing SUCH a GREAT JOB!



This is the comment that I was writing to @modernzorker. It was in response to an article that he wrote, which was then re-steemed by @slobberchops. I share the same issue, and wanted to convey my feelings about the new bully account @themilkymark. The comment became so long that I didn't want to fill up his entire comment section, so I decided to post it and tag him instead. So here was my comment for you, @modernzorker. Thank you for your post, it was very good and I AM WITH YOU! Here's your comment:

I also have received the message, and I'm with you @modernzorker. What this @themilkymark is doing is a true show of ignorance. Does he not realize that by trying to bully people with downvotes, he will be doing the very thing that he claims is done by the account that he is trying to damage?? Does he not realize that his sloppy tactless actions will only make him even lesser of a person than the bot that he wants to destroy?

Tell you what @themilkymark, enjoy. I have never done well under authority, and I have never yielded to ignorance, unless of course it was my own. When I have yielded to my own, and I realize it, I try to change it.

That's what you also should do @themilkymark. Change your own ignorance. Stay in your own lane, and I'll stay in mine.

Oh, by the way. I said I only yield to my own ignorance. So, I most assuredly will not yield to yours. No matter what you do. I'd forgive you. You wouldn't even need to apologize. All you have to do, is GO AWAY, or CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. The good people of STEEM, at least the ones that I engage with, would probably even forgive you too. If you made it clear that you saw the error of your ways, they would probably even give you support! (Well, maybe not) but at the very least, they would leave you alone, to do your own thing, so long as you were not abusing the block-chain WHICH YOU ARE NOW DOING!

You claim to be rising against an account, trying to damage it, because you say that the account has engaged in blockchain abuse. I want you to exit the greasy inner cloister of your Taco Bell/KFC bag for just a moment, stop sucking your brains into your cup through your Coca-Cola straw, and USE that gray steaming pile of mush that you would call your brain.

Here, is the MASSIVELY complex thought that I have for you to think on:

How are you fixing the problem of blockchain abuse, by engaging in clear-cut BLOCKCHAIN ABUSE???


Or what? Or risk the decomposition and the spirit of your own moral because of your own self-bred negativity. You can try to tear up STEEM, but you will hurt yourself. The universe has a way of snapping back at you, whether you accept that or not. I'll say a prayer for you, and I do genuinely mean what I say when I implore you to get smarter. If your ego eclipses your comprehension of the world so fiercely, that a concept as simple as hypocrisy escapes you, then I assure you, self-actualization and true happiness will also escape you.

It will escape you in every area of your life.



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