What a Pleasant Surprise!


So, I opened up my Steem for a moment last night before I went to sleep. I was crazy busy yesterday and wasn't able to get on here at all, as we were driving and I was writing and creating a presentation for something work related. I'm sure you guys know, right? Are my eyes tricking me?

My account value is suddenly much higher than it was previously. Is this the beginning? Are we on our way to, "I told you so's," and "didn't miss it, this time"s?

Cause I sure would like that, and that sure is the way that it's lookin'!

For those of you on the social media that I will be sharing this post to. The platform that I am writing this on is not FB, though I'll be sharing it there. It is not Twitter, or Linkedin, or any other place where I will be sharing this post. So, why am I sharing it with all you guys on FB and other social media.

Cause Steem is BETTER

It is hands down the best social media I have ever used. Why is it so awesome? Because, it is full of good content, partially because it is rewards based (you can make money on everything you post!)

Granted, if you post total shit, it is unlikely that you will be rewarded for it. The community will likely not reward you, if they don't like it. That fact, is a good thing, however. Why?

Because it means that people have incentive to create good content, right from the start here. That means that people create amazing travel, food, science, biology, educational, fun, funny as hell, whatever-they-want-from-where-ever-they-live-in-the-world kind of stuff, and so much of it is high quality!

It isn't like the endless wall of bullshit that you see on FB. Not to say that none of those posts are good, but don't you get tired of retarded, impersonal memes that you already caught when they went viral six years ago?

That isn't what happens on STEEM. When I first signed up, I was here, like most people for the money. What I found was that this platform is much more valuable than that. Fell in love with it, and now, even after I love it, THE MONEY IS STARTING TO INCREASE TOO!

You see, with little or no investment on STEEM, you can start organically growing your account by posting good content. My account started at zero, and is now working it's way in the direction of $400. It was about $211 just a few days ago, but price appreciation has reared it's beautiful ring-laden snout and is snorting with pretty pig breath in my face, full of smiles. It stands at $320 right now, but I believe that this is just the start.

I'm sure that many others have been writing about this as well, but I couldn't help it. I'll be going and engaging with them on their stuff after I get done here. My excitement was too much to handle! :)

Love you, STEEM community. Love you all my FB friends. Come join me here, IT'S GOOD. Helped me and Audie get through our addiction tremendously and countless other ways. It's amazing that a global community of people can come together, even in our times, and become something that is so valuable. Not just in money-terms, but in the terms of life fulfillment, positive change and self-improvement/exploration.

Cheers to STEEM!

-Article by Jonathan Caleb Williams

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I love you.


I love you too!