Herbal remedies for COVID

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I would like to start with a disclaimer. The title of this article can be misleading with the content I'm going to discuss here. But what I'm going to tell is something related to how someone prepared a herbal remedy for COVID and failed big time. It was so sad to read that news and hence wanted to write an article on the same. I saw this sad news shared in one of the WhatsApp group. When I went and read the details, I found that someone tried to prepare a herbal remedy for COVID and died by consuming it. I understand that many people are curious about bringing some remedies to the current problem we have. But the intensity of the problem should be understood before coming up with something like this.

The fact that many people fail to understand is that it is not very simple to create a remedy like that. I'm completely not against herbal products or home remedies for our problems. I myself prefer natural medicine more than allopathy or any other type of medication. But understanding the seriousness of the current problem, we have to go with what WHO suggests or what the top doctors suggest across the world. This is not the first time I'm hearing about someone preparing herbal remedies or home remedies for COVID and failing on that. I would like to tell that "Staying Home" can be a good remedy or prevention, but other than that it is not advisable to prepare any herbal extracts to safeguard ourselves from the virus.


For simple problems and the common cold, an ordinary herbal remedy might work. For complications like COVID that is currently threatening the whole world, people should be a little wiser enough to understand what is happening around them and stop doing anything like this. During the initial days, our local volunteers also distributed some drinks to all the people saying that the drink was capable of preventing the COVID attack. I understand that everyone is trying to help but we have to also understand that this can also sometimes turn out to be very wrong like how we see in the above news.

There have been cases in many places where the affected person refuses isolation. It can be hard to get isolated but considering the fact that this virus is contagious, we have to cooperate with the government and what health experts say. In the above news, the last sentence actually broke my heart. Looks like the deceased individual took references from the internet to prepare the herbal extract. This we can call a harmful effect of technological growth.

Washing our hands can be considered as an approved preventive measure. Some people even stopped eating meat when there was news that meat-eaters are more likely to get COVID compared to vegetarians. I'm not sure to what extent that is true but there again, it can be tolerated because becoming a vegetarian is not going to create any big impact or anything. But preparing some extracts like this at home and drinking that as a preventive measure is strictly condemnable. No one should be doing that and if you find someone encouraging something like this to others, please make sure that they are explained and educated how back it can end up. Sadly, the above can be an example of how sad it could end up. I guess lockdown is making people go mad and think like this.

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