Life is not about success all the time

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One thing we cannot predict is the future and what will happen to us. Some people spend most of their time trying to define and design their future. There are people who live in the past and always think about what they messed up in the past and forget about the good life they have in the present and about the great things that they can do in the future. But while thinking about the future, too much of thinking without any proper actions is also not good.



The above image can give us a thought that hard work can take us through the success path. It is definitely true but we have to also be careful about the decisions we make in our life. Some wrong decisions can also deviate us from the success path. Yes, life is not about success all the time. No one in this world will be able to live a successful life all the time. There should have been instances in everyone's life where they would have met failure. If we have a deeper conversation with successful people they would talk much only about their failures and they will all believe how failures were their stepping stone towards success.

Life after failure

It is quite natural that many people find it very hard to carry on with their life after a failure. There will be too much despondency and they feel rejected by this world. This is more like a phycological thing. I might say that people can easily come out of that as flying colors but we will know their pain only when we had lived their life. It is a tough and difficult life after a failure. Some people fall further down because of that and stay unsuccessful in their life. But there are some inspiring people who take that as a good opportunity to design a better future for them.



But hitting failure one gets more confidence than before and they understand the power of success. If we are going to be seeing only successful things in our life, we will never know the value of success. Only when we hit failure, we will be able to understand the nectar of success. But in order to be successful even after a failure, a huge amount of mental strength will be required. That mental power is the only thing that can drive someone towards the success path and let them stay strong there.

To conclude, life can provide us lots of opportunities and sometimes show us lots of doors to knock, but most of the time we end up knocking the wrong doors but every time we knock the wrong door we have to take that as a positive thing and learn from that mistake to take things forward in our life.

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