The Driveway Saga Season 2; Episode: 10 - "It was the Third of May....No wait..Third of March"



War on every Front

Well it is a leap year, we did have an odd day that only happens every four years, what could possible go wrong with it? Snow, and more Snow. What could it signify for the first of March, more bow shots from the Sun? Friday evening we had a little bit of very light snow. Saturday started off nice, but that evening the snow started again, about three o'clock, it was still very light snow almost crystalline snow, but slightly bigger than that. When we went to bed only about an inch and a half of snow, but come Sunday morning that had grown to almost 8 inches worth. At least unlike the last large snow fall this was a dry light weight snow. So about an hour after waking it was time to clear the snow, and think about breakfast and our Sunday run-around.

On with the pictures. First the view from the parking spot.

DSC_9280 parking view upload.jpg

No pre-plow photo's. I do have one of my tracks leaving on Sunday, but that is on the phone, and I was to lazy to off load it and upload it. The piles are getting pretty big, so hopefully the snow season is almost over. it did make for a nice drive and outing on Sunday though, the main roads were in good shape, so as long as you avoided the side streets, things were good to go.

The pano shot. 8 images stitched together via Autostitch program from the Canadian University system:

pano116 driveway upload.jpg
A series of four images across the bottom and top. I used the perspective control in Nikon's View NX-I to try and correct the view. Our circle of trees are well protected by the snow piles right now.

Two stand up views of the section I come in on,(left image), and then the section we leave on, (right image).

It is a somewhat kind of nice day today, we may actually have enough holes in the clouds to get a few sunset pictures, depends on what the cloud situation is like over the mountains. We were hoping the snow plow guy would come on Sunday, but they were pretty busy, it was surprising to see him pretty early Monday morning though. At least we had only gotten a little bit more snow so I didn't have to rush out and clear my vehicle. Sunday and Monday were in the upper 20 degree range, (-2C range), not so today during picture taking time, it was only 13F, (-10C), and it was cold feeling. it is getting warmer though at least the colds are not getting into the minus range to often right now, so spring is around the corner.

A couple of piles to close out with:

DSC_9281 - Copy one pile view with dish.jpg This is the little black dish you can see in the parking view from head on, the dish doesn't really sit that high off the ground, so at a guess that pile would be about five feet high.

DSC_9291 snow pile 2.jpg My secondary parking area, as soon as he has this area plowed I pull in so he can plow where I park by the door. The guy is pretty quick, all done inside of 30 minutes.


All pictures were taken by me today at about 1:30'ish this afternoon with my Nikon Camera and the landscape lens.


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