A Horrible Sunday

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Now I love Saturdays and think it is the apex of the weekend and I like Fridays because you know Saturday's coming and you can get drunk. Sundays, on the other hand, are horrible, slow and pretty annoying, especially in this part of the world.

Other than the obvious fact that Sunday only exists to prepare you for Monday, it is also the day everybody BUT me goes to church. In Nigeria, people take Sundays a little bit more seriously than you'd expect; businesses don't open, parents screaming and worse of all, there's no restaurant open for breakfast. This means I have to eat my horrible cooking.

Today was even more horrible than other Sundays because I got locked out of the house and had to go to church to get the key. I live in the Boysquarter of my landlord's house and while it's not luxurious, I have all the necessities and like I told @gooddream, I'm all about that minimalist lifestyle, and I'm poor so it's right up my alley.

I decided to go out for a Speed walk, as against jogging or running because, well, it's a lot easier and when I got back, I found out I was locked out of the compound. It's not unusual for them to lock the compound before going out but in this circumstance, I didn't go out with my key and besides, I wasn't gone for that long, so I figured I'd be back before they all left.

I got back and found myself locked out and after a few curse words, I calmed down and called my landlord to tell him about the situation. He suggested I locate their church to get the key and this is the problem.

I've not been to a church in months but considering I was raised under strict Christian doctrine, I sort of feel like my distance from God could mean I'd burst into a ball of flames if I set foot into a church. That didn't happen, God is good but if it were left to the humans though, I probably would have.

Maybe it's just in my head or maybe it's not but church people have these judgemental eyes they look at nonchurch people with and that shit gets to me. It's part of the reason I stopped going to church and part of the reason my distance from God keeps increasing. Christians are under the impression that they're the good guys and conversation with a lot of them will give you a headache.

I left the church after being pierced by spears from their unkind gazes and after giving it more thought, I'm glad I don't go to church. I'm not an atheist because I believe there's a God but I don't know him that much because he hasn't revealed himself to me.

Now I'm sat here in my room that hasn't had electricity for nearly two days with a fucked up stomach from eating God knows what, rushing this article and hoping for the best. God if you're hearing me, please fix Nigeria and if you won't, please get me the hell out of here. I hate Sundays.

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What's good Champ! I'm not a holy person or anything but I seriously think God wanted you on that church! Regards champ!


Very likely but damn, church is boring.

This is a big reason I don't like most church people but has nothing to do with why I don't believe in God. It's also why I don't move to Nigeria. That, the heat and the fact that I would have the smallest dick. At least in northern Canada, I have seven people behind me in that category.

Also, you should share this in my atheism pod on Whaleshares. I know it's not outright atheist but it is very relevant and we need something to do with the tip money that's building up.


I'll get on it real quick.

you have to eat your horrible cooking. awwwww :(


That's the worst part of my day. I get it right once or twice a month, the other times there's always one or ten things missing from the food.


well as a fellow terrible chef, i feel your pain!


I hope I end up with a girl that likes cooking and home stuff. Everybody's so woke these days, nobody wants to do classical stuff that my mum did and we appreciated it.

By the way, I watched this horrible movie you should absolutely avoid.