Different Narratives From the "war" against Justin Sun.

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I've been keeping up with activities on Twitter related to @justinsunsteemit's attempt to take control of Steem blockchain and implement his will. There have been narratives, counter-narratives, propaganda, conspiracies and everything else in between. It has been an ugly monumental clusterfuck.

It is nice to see that we've been trending and in the process of fighting back, we have made a lot of new friends, but we've also made new enemies. Obviously, anyone who likes or idolises Justin Sun will be our enemy and considering how big he is in the cryptoverse, I'll say they are a lot.

On the other side of the spectrum are people who have it in for the Chinese businessman or want to profit off the current debacle. That has been the case with Cointelegraph, Kucoin, Pionex and a bunch of other exchanges that jumped at the opportunity to list Steem on their exchange. I wouldn't call them friends, it's about having a common foe and capitalising on the situation to "tarnish' Sun's image.

The emotional underdog

The crypto community need to know the truth, and that's why these campaigns have come in handy. We've been on Twitter, Sun's hunting ground, protesting against the wrong that is being down to our dear chain. That's absolutely commendable and has proven to be successful.

Our emotional underdog story resonates with many people within and outside the crypto community. Our valiant effort to withstand the might of an "ultra-powerful" dictator highlights the benefit of the much-maligned Decentralised Proof Of Stake mechanism run within this community.

This group are purely emotional and see no single sense or reason in anything Justin Sun utters, more so after he colluded with exchanges to strongarm the community into his will. A large group of them are hell-bent on Forking off Steemit and starting a new community without the "scourge" that is Justin Sun.

People under this category have resorted to posting slanderous statements under his tweets with the hope of bending him to their will? In the words of @stephenkendal, "The mind boggles"

According to this view, the community should press on with our "advantage" and keep protesting on Twitter until Justin Sun sees "reason" and decides to let the community have its way.

Stop Bullying Mr Sun

To others, Steem community is depriving a businessman that bought stakes fair and square. These people are of the opinion that the early rumours that Sun was going to enable a fork that will move Steem tokens to a Tron based token are false. They base their opinion solely on press releases by @steemitblog.

It is a fairly straightforward opinion and more empathetic with Justin Sun but not with a community that has thrived under the radar for over 4 years, empowering people in the process.

This view is dismissive of the plight of Thousands of Steemians taking the streets of Twitter to say 'Listen, we don't trust Sun to be in charge of Steem blockchain".

People in this corner of the argument don't understand or relate with the emotional bond that's established between members of Steem community, their witnesses and each other. As far as they're concerned, Steem is just another blockchain and Sun is going to make people rich, just suck it up and move on.

They are also under the assumption that the Witnesses are doing pretty much the same thing Sun is doing and being honest, I can understand why someone from outside would think that way.


Either way, people are motivated by an opinion generated by public view. If there's something I know or have learnt about mob action in recent times, it is that it hardly ever ends well, especially when there's no particular direction.

My dad taught me that irrespective of how big a threat might seem, if you take a moment to understand its motive, you will find a way to deal with it properly.

I hear the word "war" being thrown around casually and it actually baffles me. Considering how young the concept of blockchain and crypto are, I find it ridiculous that there are already civil wars happening. I think these pocket squabbles portray crypto as a whole in a bad way.

Why will people be willing to put their money into unstable projects that talk about forking, splits, secession, etc., at the first real threat to their existence?

I think the way forward is to have a round table meeting, and find common ground, instead of increasing the rift that already exists between Sun/Tron and the Steem blockchain as a whole.

The world is watching and the more we keep bickering over which blockchain is better than which, instead of working together, the farther the society drifts from us and assumes we're all ponzi scams or whatever shit they call us.

Final Words

Vote for your witnesses, the ones you know and have trusted or at least that have been around the platform through the bad and good times. Stand for Steem but while you "battle", remember that;

“If we win by losing ourselves, by losing what we were fighting for, then we never really win.”
― Meg Collett, Fear University

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Sun is going to make people rich

He might try to make people rich. But right now I Sun destroying a blockchain. Currently STEEM is stable as Sun is powering up but as soon as Sun has the 17 witness supermajority and pushed his authoritarian hard forks I predict the price to start falling.


Maybe you're right. All I can say for sure is that I voted for the witnesses I know and trust people in charge to make the right decision.

I also hope people will focus on the truth rather than slandering Sun at every instance. As much as he's a threat, we don't know his TRUE motives, we only have warranted suspicions.


we don't know his TRUE motives

True. And that's why i'm currently powering down so I can act quickly on his true motives. To either get out or power up again if.


I think that's a wise move.

Interesting read @belemo

It has been an ugly monumental clusterfuck.

well said. both parties seem to exchange few low blows and narrative "us versus him" promoted by witnesses.

Amount of insults, abuses and hostile behaviors towards Justin has been insane from day 0.

Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr


Thank you. I hope things settle soon.