Hmmm... am I allergic to Yeast?

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Hmmmm... that night that just passed was one of the least fun for quite some time! I ended up cramped on the toilet 5 times in the night, and another 3 times throwing up! During the night, I prefer to be in deep sleep in the comfy warmth of the bed... instead of hurrying downstairs as quietly and quickly as possible to reach the ground level toilet so I don't keep anyone awake.

The evening had begun with a nice dinner made by my wife, carrot and orange soup, home-made bread and the ever popular Brussels sprouts! I love having homemade bread, there is something about having nice warm freshly made bread that gives the house a nice homely feeling. I'm a little less fond of the soup and Brussels Sprouts though!

Anyway, after dinner, we got the kids to bed and I finished off the Marvel Thor movie that I had started the previous evening. Yes, these days, I rarely have the ability and time to watch a full movie in one sitting! Most evenings I will struggle to get through half a movie before falling asleep!

Anyway, I was asleep for about an hour when I woke with a huge pain in my stomach... I figured that I just needed to visit the toilet. Normally, I do feel a touch gassy after cabbage-like vegetables (Brussels Sprouts) and very rarely after some homemade bread. However, as the night progressed, things just didn't get better... the combination between stomach pain the the male ability to amplify discomfort (see Man Flu...) meant that I didn't really sleep much in the night.

In the morning, my wife took the kids to school (it was supposed to be my turn, as she needs to do the pick-up run in the afternoon). Unfortunately, at around 7am I was still feeling under the weather but much better having thrown up most of the contents of my stomach in the half hour before!

In the end, I didn't wake up until well after noon! So, my wife and I were talking and thinking that it must have been the bread that had caused the reaction. She was doing some internet research whilst I was KO'd and she had landed upon yeast allergy or intolerance as a possible reason. I hadn't eaten quite enough Brussels Sprouts to make that much of a problem... and I had eaten a bit of bread.

Plus, she had said that as the dough hadn't risen earlier in the day, she had doubled the yeast to make it work. Apparently, instant yeast is also more "yeasty" than regular yeast to help it work faster...

So, after a pretty crappy night... I do feel a little worn, mostly from lack of sleep... but much better. I have to teach this afternoon... my wife feels like I should just take the day off and cancel my students, but I feel like we could really use the money from the work. Plus, I've had a couple of days of aimlessness and doing some teaching would give some purpose to this day!

Still, I've spent the past hour just doing some administration work for my business that isn't really doing anything, and I've had a call cancelling a photo shoot for a music ensemble that was supposed to happen tomorrow. Apparently, one of the singers might have Coronavirus and needs to be tested... meaning that the right thing to do is for him to stay quarantined until he has a definite test result. Sigh.... sometimes, it is hard to do the right thing, but it must be done.

On the happier side of things, my new keyboard just arrived... and I'm writing this post on the new keyboard. I'll have a review out in the coming weeks (I have a number of backlogged reviews...), but let's just say that I'm very happy!

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