Poetry# The "US" Dialog


Hello Everyone...

Good afternoon and good activity steemian friends, meet me again on this same opportunity. As usual, today I want to post a poem about The "US" Dialog.


Is this you, you who used to always give a sweet smile. Give love as wide as the ocean, like Romeo and Julliet. But why do you change now like a flower without beetles.

Get lost in a feeling, a feeling that is too far and deep, until it finally becomes shallow. Like walking on water, not wet but sinking. I have gone too far, too long for me to expect.

We who don't trust each other but still choose to live together, for me our decision is right too, with no trust between us then each of us has prepared ourselves for a bad possibility that will happen in the future. We survive not because we trust our partners, but because we believe in ourselves that we will not be betrayed while waiting to be betrayed by our partners and feelings.

There is also a good side to the way we live, rather than those out there who trust each other then one of them hurts the other, so that those who are hurt will suffer and fall down without any preparation before that.

We better not .. ??

The "US" dialog ...

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