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After our basement flooded last Fall, I was really hoping I was done dealing with that sort of thing for a while. As you can see, that wasn't the case these past couple of days...

We got about four inches of rain dumped on us across about a day and a half. Thankfully, our basement has stayed dry, but between everything else and keeping track of the water levels, I missed getting photos of a couple of our meals.


The week of eating started with a big salad consisting of grilled chicken and various other items. I really love a good salad and sometimes it is fine with me for that to be the entire meal. I think we are talking about doing chicken Caesar salads in the coming week. I am pretty excited about that.


The next morning we did breakfast tacos. Pretty much just scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and veggies on a flour tortilla with cheese, avocado, and salsa. They were very good!


Another night we had garlic chicken sriracha bites. It is small chunks of chicken dipped in egg and then in panko crumbs. We back them off in the oven for about twenty minutes and then add them to a garlic honey sriracha sauce.


We finished it off with brussels sprouts for a really satisfying meal!



Weekends usually have bit slower pace. Especially during the stay at home order. We had homemade waffles and bacon for one of our meals this past weekend.


That night we had brats and potato salad. It was a really fantastic meal. These are some special brats that I get from a store near where I work. They are decently hot, but have a lot of other flavors to them as well. Good stuff!


The next night we grilled out again and I had one of my New York Strip steaks. The steak was delicious and my wife made mashed potatoes, so that made it even better!



I did pick up a new bottle of something this week. I am a big fan of Crow Royal, so I had some high hopes for this bottle of Rye, but it really didn't live up to my expectations. It isn't bad stuff, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.


Finally, just to give you another idea of how much rain we got, I will leave you with this picture of some kids stand up paddle boarding down the road!

Let me know what you have been eating or cooking up during the stay at home order. Leave a comment or write your own post using the #eatingthroughcovid tag!

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me gusta ver este tipo de fotos por que me hacen volar mi imaginación algún día quisiera ir a un sitio así donde todo este tan bonito y verdecido



Thats a foodie trip! Please join us at - a new social platform on CyberWay blockchain and get your donations from the very first day! :)

Oh you are giving some major cooking goals. Keep flourishing.


Thank you!
That's my post under the tag you mentioned and inspired by your post. keep growing!

Is there a lack of proper sewerage on roads? because of which the residents are at trouble. by the way the food seems delicious.


Just too much rain for the drain systems to handle. This has turned out to be a once in 30 decades event.