Bozzlife: #whoareyoulisteningto? End of May Edition

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I don't think anyone would be shocked if I said that May was a crazy year. Heck, the consensus is that the whole of 2020 has been quite the cluster. This past week especially has been a buzz of activity. That means very little time to spend in my home office spinning wax.

On top of that, next week I am required to return to work so all of my music listening will be moved back to Spotify, so this may be the last post you get in this series. That doesn't mean you can't pick up where I left off using the #whoareyoulisteningto tag and share your musical selections with us!

Forgive the horrible image, but my week started off with some Michael Jackson. "Off the Wall" specifically. It is a really great album and all of the songs on it are pretty fantastic. Sure it probably didn't get the critical acclaim that Thriller or some of the others did, but it is a really solid album.


Sticking with that 80's vibe, I threw on the only Cyndi Lauper album that I have. It is a really good one with a fair number of her hits on it. I think I specifically purchase it for "All through the night". You are probably shocked it wasn't "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"! Some people find it annoying, but I think Cyndi has a really great voice and if you get a chance you should check out some of her more recent stuff. The country inspired album she did a bit ago is fantastic.


From the 80's I switched gears a little bit and threw on an EP from a band that started up just down the expressway from where I live. I personally don't think their debut album lived up to the hype they got from there EP, but I still like their sound and am happy to see that they have had such success for being a small town Michigan band.


My final selection of the week too me back to the oldies days with a little bit of The Doors. I have had this record for a while and quite honestly I thought it was scratched so I never really played it before. To my surprise it played flawlessly and it will be on my regular rotation once I get all of my albums sorted out.

So there you have it. Another week of vinyl gold from my home office. Leave me a comment to let me know what you have been listening to. Better yet, write your own post using the #whoareyoulisteningto tag!

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