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Here we are with another week in the books! I was thinking to myself the other day, do Friday's really even matter anymore? With the social distancing and so many people being off work, the weekends really don't hold the same magic that they used to.

Anyway, on to the music!

I started off this past week listening to another one of my Jazz records that I picked up off of Amazon or something like that a while ago. It is definitely a re-issue and it is on a pretty heavy grain piece of vinyl compared to some of my other albums. I really feel like Jazz was the original version of a jam band. Would The Dead or Phish even exist if not for Jazz?


When our basement flooded last year all of the jackets to my records got wet. I had to throw them away because we didn't want them to rot and mold. This Madonna album is one of the ones I was most tore up about having to throw away. If you have ever seen the cover of this album, you probably know what I mean.

It's an overall good album, but not my favorite of the Madonna albums I own. That one is coming later.


There is a good chance that anyone who has a moderate sized record collection and is open to various genres probably has a copy of this in their crate or on their shelf. Rumors by Fleetwood Mac is a pretty iconic record. In fact, so iconic that it pretty much speaks for itself!


In my opinion the only thing that would make this record perfect is if it had "Like a Prayer" and "Take a Bow" on it. True Blue is probably one of my most favorite Madonna albums. Mostly because it has the songs "True Blue" and "La Isla Bonita" on it (I love that jam). There are a couple songs which you could probably skip, but for the most part it is a really solid album in my opinion. Like her or not, Madonna did have a great voice back in the day, especially on the slow stuff.


I don't know if they still do this, but a couple of years ago Amazon used to give you a digital copy of an album when you bought it on vinyl. This was a really cool benefit for me since we have a prime membership and it would just add it to my Prime Music library. This is the last album that Counting Crows put out and I really feel like it is one of their best. It has some definite throwbacks to their original album "August and Everything After". It's an all around solid album with some good writing. You should check it out.


Not much to say here, I finally made it to the second part of the Rattle and Hum album by U2. "Angel of Harlem" is one of my favorites.


I had forgotten I had this album. I knew I had some Journey somewhere, but I didn't realize it was "Frontiers". Even though it doesn't have "Don't Stop (Believing)" on it, this is still a really great album. If you really listen to Journey you will notice they use a lot of pauses in their lyrics. For example "Just a city boy" pause "born and raised in South Detroit". I heard an interview a while ago where they explained how they did that on purpose because they knew it would lend well the acoustics of stadiums and the crowd singing along. That is some pretty awesome foresight on their part if it is indeed true!


This is one of two White Stripes albums I bought quite some time ago at Hot Topic. I saw them in concert when they were first starting out down at Chene Park in Detroit. It is right on the river and it was an amazing venue and an even more awesome concert!


One of my favorite bands from the 60's 70's is The Guess Who. There were so many good bands back then that it is hard to pick just one, but they are definitely up there. In fact "These Eyes" is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. Easily in the top 20. There is something about the lead singers voice that I really. Especially when he hits that gravelly growl that he has. It's good stuff!


By shear coincidence, the remainder of my listening yesterday was devoted to Atlantic artists.

This is a pretty iconic album for Phil Collins. @steevc or @slobberchops can correct me, but I think it was one of his first solo albums after he left Genesis if not the first one. It could really be considered a greatest hits volume 1 album because there are so many popular songs on it.


I've talked about this album before, but it really is one of my favorite INXS albums. There are a couple of songs that still have that very "new wave" feel attributed to many of their earlier albums. As much as I like buying albums that have the hits I am familiar with on them, I really like finding those hidden gem deep tracks that maybe didn't get a single release. INXS has a lot of songs like that on many of their albums.

So there you go, that is what I have been listening to through the stay at home order. What have you been listening to this past week? Leave me a comment or better yet, write your own post using the #whoareyoulisteningto tag!

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I think Face Value was the first Phil Collins album, but he may have done them whilst still being part of Genesis. I think I saw him on the Hello, I must be going tour.