The Return of the Pedecast God to Save the Golden Planet from Humanoid Slavery // Story


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On this occasion I want to write this story based on the return of one of the Gods who was stripped of the throne of the golden planet. In the following story, which is full of fable and mystery, the return of the God Pedeclast is narrated, who arms an army of soldiers from the golden planet, to fight the robotic army of the humans, who have the population of the golden planet under their control.

Before describing the events of the beginning of the war, I describe how was the origin of the human race on planet Earth, especially to know how was its cognitive ability to acquire that reasoning that led it to acquire all the technological knowledge to prepare a robotic army and conquer the golden planet.

Finally the war between robot soldiers and soldiers of the golden army culminates with a cessation of peace and agreements to have a mutual coexistence where there is technological transference, but always with the doubt that humans can expand greed to all parts of our infinite Universe.

For more detail and entertainment I invite you to read this narrative full of mysteries and fables:

In the first part of this fable, the conquest of the golden planet by the humanoids was told, all due to greed in the search for gold. The Conquest of the Golden Planet // Story

For the conquest of the golden planet, the humans benefited from the knowledge in technology and robotics, knowledge that was acquired millions of years ago by a conquest made by some beings from another galaxy called Penbacaxu to the planet earth.

In those years in which the planet earth was conquered by extraterrestrial beings from the galaxy Penbacaxu, the original inhabitants of the earth were some primates that in nothing resembled the humanoids who have conquered the golden planet.

Before entering into the story of how the God Pedeclast saves the inhabitants of the golden planet from the slavery they have been subjected to in the hands of humans, it is necessary to recount how humans were created and where they learned the technology to create robot soldiers, which were the ones who finally conquered and defeated the soldiers of the golden planet.

The conquerors of planet earth, those who came from the Penbacaxu galaxy, once they arrived on planet earth and encountered primate beings and began to experiment with the hybridization of different species of primates, the first signs of creation were truncated by individuals who did not satisfy the needs of that prototype of individual, especially considering that the conquerors of planet earth wanted to create beings capable of thinking, and thus be able to enslave them for their own purposes.

In their eagerness to create that individual capable of thinking, they had to make several attempts at hybridization, which in turn were helped by an evolutionary process, until they could finally achieve a rational being that would think and execute activities that only the conquerors of the Penbecaxu galaxy knew how to execute.

The process of hybridization in a cross of primate DNA with DNA from individuals in the Penbacaxu galaxy.

Image Source

However, in this process of hybridization the only result achieved was to obtain a coarse being for thinking and for the execution of basic activities.

Image Source

Then these inhabitants of the penbecaxu galaxy made some genetic adjustments to generate an individual that had to go through an evolutionary process, always guided by the hand of its creators.

Image Source

Once the created species reached the degree of rationalism that the conquerors of the Benpacaxu galaxy were looking for, these beings were given free will so that they could think for themselves and live in communities, a situation that brought this new created species with great advances for that time like the invention of fire.

Image Source

From here on there was a great love between the created humans and their creators or Gods, humans received the learning of many arts: writing, grammar, painting, science, but above all a technological transfer from computers and robotics, which they would later use to invade the golden planet.

Image Source

It is under this point of knowledge reached by the human species, that they decide to invade the golden planet in search of gold, what humanity never thought was that they would encounter the return of the Pedaclast God.

Pedaclast was a servant at the service of the people of the golden planet, this coupled with his great astronomical and philosophical ability, led him to study all forms of life in the universe, in these studies he conducted research on the thought and action of the human species, I assess and study their behavior, their actions and everything related to scientific and technological advances of humans.

These studies led the God Pedeclast to determine what were the weaknesses and strengths of the technological advances in robotics by humans, so Pedeclast prepared a group belonging to the army of the golden planet to show them and teach them how they would fight against humans in a war where they would attack based on the known weaknesses of their robotic soldiers.

Until war finally breaks out on the golden planet, humans attack the planet with their robotic crews, first attacking by land, with robotic tanks.

Image Source

The soldiers of the golden planet commanded by the God Pedeclast took advantage of the weakness of these robotic tanks to be able to move in front of a surface as rough and steep as the surface of the golden planet, so they took advantage and formed guerrilla squads until they managed to knock down each and every one of the robotic tanks.

The greed of the humans to seize all the gold on the planet they were occupying, did not let them think rationally, so they continued the war, now they decided to send a fleet of robotic spaceships to defeat the army formed by Pedeclast.

Image Source

Once again the robotic airships of the humanoids showed another weakness, which was quickly captured by the army of Pedeclasto, this weakness was that these ships only detected free points that had some kind of satellite technology, so the army commanded by Pedeclasto decided to get rid of all types of satellite technology, and decide to fight without any technology not to be detected, re-formed in guerrilla groups and shoot at the robotic ships to shoot them all down.

The last recourse left to the humanoids who commanded the robotic army of repression on the golden planet was to send in their last existing resource of war, and this was no more than the robotic infantry squadron.

Image Source

The hand-to-hand battle between the soldiers of the golden planet and the robotic infantry army was hard, many soldiers of the golden army fell, since these robotic soldiers did not show many weaknesses, however by force of push and love for their planet, the golden soldiers fought with courage and gallantry to bring down almost all the robotic soldiers, when there was only one robot commanded by a human, this leaves the robotic body with a flag calling for peace.

Image Source

This call for peace by humans was rightly accepted by the supreme commander and God of the golden planet Pedeclast, so the order was given to the golden army to lay down their arms and open a dialogue between the parties.

Finally the war ceases and there is a dialogue between Pedeclast and a maximum representative of the human court, from there an agreement is reached where both humans and the inhabitants of the golden planet could live together and in harmony, even technological transfers could be made between both parties, so after that meeting, among the inhabitants of the planet it was rumored that there could be the possibility of a future hybridization between humans and individuals of the golden planet.

Image Source

The golden planet was in complete harmony with humans for many thousands of years after this war and the peace treaty, within the technology agreements there was much technology transfer especially in ship construction that was provided to humans so that they could make interstellar travel.

Image Source

However, in the minds of all the inhabitants of the golden planet there will always be the question of whether humans can continue to expand their greed in search of new resources to all corners of our great Universe?

Good reader friend, this is the end of the story of the conquest of the golden planet in the hands of your God Pedeclast, and the harmony between humans and golden inhabitants, until the next opportunity where your friend @carlos84 will be sharing new stories full of fable and mystery.

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