Growing up was fun for me because I came from a family of seven with me being the first and then my neighbor whom I always went to stay in their house had eight kids,just the first born was my mate,so I had lots of younger ones around,that was how my love for kids began.

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At home everyone knew me for that because I would prefer to be playing and teaching the kids rather than go to the market with my mum,I have maintained a name from my teenage days which is "Enyi-umuaka" in my dialect which means "friend of the little children".

It was so serious that I had to refuse joining the youth church back then at home just because I wanted to still be around the children and also help teach them,that was how I became a children Sunday school teacher which I also maintained when I got to the tertiary institution.

One of the things I did after I settled into my school hostel was to locate my church over there and asked to be a part of the children ministry.

Some of my friends didn't like it as they felt that I was missing out from all the vibes from the youth church but then my passion for the children ministry has paid me over this years.

Today I am a mother and also blessed with kids but I want to share something with you,one of the easiest ways to make yourself a patient fellow is to be around kids,teach them with love.

Kids can be annoying,as lovely as they seem and appear,they can be stubborn and push you to the wall,I have stayed with them and I also have mine,most times they know what they are doing and would also want to see your reaction.

And when you seem not patient and understanding with them,they will fall out with you.

Patience is a virtue, patience is the key to manage kids, patience is something you learn over time,there are some kids that can eat for two hours,some kids before they allow you to bath them,there must have been a series of pleas and talking,most times we have to beg my first daughter to eat,and sometimes it just seems annoying because the food is going into her stomach and not mine.

And that is just how they behave,it could just be anything but I tell you if you deal with all that and still be patient with the child,you would be able to exhibit that virtue in other aspects of your life.

Most times we surpass most of life struggles and challenges by being patience,patience can save you lots of troubles, patience can save you from a bad investment.

Learn to be patient because it will save you from some regrets.

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