Caffeine free!

10개월 전

Last week I made the seeminly odd decision to stop drinking coffee. I LOVE not only the taste of coffee but the whole process of making coffee. Sadly I get anxiety and so it was causing more harm than good, and so its gotta go!


I went cold turkey, and the first couple of days were rough! I usually drink 3 cups of coffee a day, and my body hated me for cutting this out. Headaches and a general lack of motivation ensued for about 3 days. However, now I am sleeping better than I have in years and my anxiety has reduced drastically.

As i love the taste of coffee I am having a decaf in the morning. The taste is brilliant - just like regular coffee.

I am learning there is more to life than caffeine 😂. I hope to keep this up long term.

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I wrote a post about this very thing only a couple days ago...Been drinking decaf after 3pm for little while now...Not willing to give it up altogether though.


I think i read that. Probably subconsciously where i got the idea from 😆