A Great Big World

2년 전

I once was a baby
Sheltered and protected
Cradled in my mother's arms
Unaware of everything else
My only knowledge, Mama's love.


A kid I've become
Noble and pure
Full of wishes and dreams
I can be anything I want
The world is my oyster.

A teenager I've become
Rebellion my mantra
A loaded gun with the safety off
Dangerous to everything in sight
Middle finger to the world.

An adult I've become
Dreams have turned to despair
Alot of obligations on my shoulder
I'm always grumpy and tired
Bleak is my view of the world.

I am old
Closer to the end of my time
Death is knocking at the door
Regret is what clouds my memories
If only the world was kinder.

I Wish I Had More Time

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