On examining the freezing rain when the weather is changing: What are really these observations?

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Everything is about evolution, facts and explanation. And humans are trying for find causes, processes and outcomes in the human nature and in the nature. And the weather is a science, where we should find what, how and why!

Freezing rain is rain falling on the ground when the temperature is under 0 degrees Celsius, and it becomes immediately to ice. We have had such periods in the world now in January 2021, and the problem is when you get these cold periods with much ice. And cars and people are having trouble when moving from one place to another!

Everything that humans are trying to understand on earth is due to observations that we can see, and we take the data, and we use theories and methods to explain what we are seeing and why. Every research attempt is about what, how, why, when, where and which implications the observations have.

The weather forecasts around the world are about using and making statistics about what is really going on, and we can move backwards and forwards in time when using the history to explain the things that we see. Much is about using our sight, and we can use in the pase, in the present and in the future. We can make the weather forecasts around the globe due to satellites in the world space. And space research is perhaps the most research we can do, in addition to understand and explain the anatomy in our human bodies.

So, the freezing rain is dangerous, and we perceive it from winter to winter. And weather conditions that causes rapid change from bare road surface into slippery (icy) road condition are really in trouble on the earth. And it implies that people are hurt, and that cars and transport vehicles get away from their normal positions on the roads. But the problem is that we get too much ice on the roads, and we should use salt and sand to improve the real situations that arise! We should put calculations about what we are doing with the roads different places, and we should use computers and programs to find what we should do. And we can use differential equations to find and to model what should be done different places, and we use such equations different places, also in the oil- and gas industry!

We do not have to ignore the sciences to understand things, and find explanations about what to do. That is the reason that we are having these courses and documents in the universities, in the business schools and in the colleges. So when we perceive these different seasons during the year, we should understand them, and acting as sensible as we can. And if we are doing something stupid, or doing other things than the sciences explain, we should keep the nonsense to ourselves. And the study programs are there to find some good traces in human nature and in nature, that is such that we can live our lives even better, and even with more love and admiration.

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