On using drones to obtain an overview and to monitor environments!

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Every person at earth can be monitored, and this can be done by using drones. Drones are used to get an overview of the landscape, and if there are illegal activities going on!

Drones can be used to clarify homicide and to clarify substance abuse. These drones can take collect pictures and videos, sounds, biometrics and location data associated with a specific person. And you must use the rules and the norms where you are, if you are going to use a drone. And permission must sometimes be collected. And everybody can be monitored where they are, because they are just using their bodies to do investigations, research, and to present good advice to the pleasure of many. But you get no confidence many places if you are sullen, and we should be serious and healthy in life, and use our sense of humor. Every environment consists of humans, and there are tasks you should solve, and trying to get results better than ever since! And all the world can be around us, and different positions just imply getting and receiving messages of many kinds, and not every message that exists in reality, since we have limitations in life in our lives.

You can control a drone by using remote control froun the ground. And it is just our fantasy, our dreams, our imagination, our analysis and our creativity that will determine where we can use the drones in reality and in future. You should cooperate with people and family being your friend, and otherwise you should be opportunistic about which people to contact and why. Competence and research background will determine your opportunities in working life, and there are many people getting work in working life, that just have it in the mouth and then the testosterone level bubbles. And every body in the world is just a penis and a pussy and an intestinal tract to the nose. Being in life is just being in such way, and we can be monitored and be bewared or not. And no person can determine our opportunities, since life is individual and you do what you like in life, and you and I have the qualifications as we have. Applying for jobs is just documents and interview, and the person doing the best impression get the job!

So, what can the drones be used for? We can clarify killing and criminality, and we can reveal bad things that are going on. But nobody can be yourself, you must live the life as you are, and the drones can be used to getting overview over the landscapes, for instance about how many types of animals you find, and what works people are working with. And we take this information to the meeting rooms, and we make a summary of the meeting, and we are just selecting some ways of doing the meetings, although meetings can be used with all the possibilities in the society, for instance taking inside people from other places and countries on Skype, on video and on the screen. And we are just treating humanity with this meeting, and we get the working processes at the meetings in accordance with peopls’s personality!

So, if there are bad experiences in an organization, you should ask why, and you can try to do anything about it. Search for postions where you can make a contribution, and most people in the organizations are just working with things we know in human nature and in nature. And the management of the organizations is the same, and we learn these things in the business schools. So, we should use our talents and knowledges, and do not make any mistakes or blisters. We should require higher education on the leaders, and that we know what we are working with, how the working life is, and why we are doing as we are doing. And research and established and new products are often welcome in the organizations to use the markets, the mearketing and the selling efforts as they are. The drones should be used to reduce paining efforts, and for having utility of it in the daily life! The future is with the possibilities that we have, also in relation to what we find of technology. And we should use these things to get knowledges about the environments, and the knowledges should be better and new!

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