My Second DS Album! Revenant Of The Blackstar! Out NOW!

5개월 전

My Second DS Album! Revenant Of The Blackstar! Out NOW!

What's good everyone?

I'm excited to announce my second album release.

The genre is an odd combination. All I can say is that its dungeon synth inspired dungeonwave OST set to a space opera available only your in head!

Very much inspired by the likes of Hyperlight Drifter, I might one day learn how to animate pixel art so I have something to put it with.

You can get it on Bandcamp here

Everything musically, from the sounds to the mixing and mastering is done, however poorly, by yours truly.

It's fun to make this kind of music, and its always a learning experience doing so.

I hoping that you get enough from the track titles to understand the feel and imagery behind the sounds.

The Stars Are Laughing (Rogue’s Final Heist) 02:40
Ruins Beneath The Black Star (They Died Long Ago) 03:44
She’ll Love Me Somehow (A Beautiful Revenant) 03:47
Her First Flight (Through Space) 06:08
If You Saw It My Way (She’ll Make A Fine Gift) 04:08
Presented to the Mad Emperor (The Emptiness Of Gold) 06:13
Her Escape Through The Galactic Dungeons 05:38
8.Better I die That She Live (He Smiles At His Executioner) 05:02
Don’t Hold Me Anymore (News of his Death) 06:02
Calling All Valiant (Her Arrival Among the Destitute) 06:00
Death To The Emperor 13:44


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