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Today, for the first time, I will talk a little about hives as Blog
After the revolution that we did in a certain way it will be marked in the history of cryptocurrency.
I end up seeing in just 2 weeks people are working hard to minimize all the problems caused

I believe that people are beginning to realize the importance of their privacy in the digital world. Soon, I believe that the big conventional companies that we know of sharing will end up falling.
(yes, it takes time and adaptation)
But people are opening their eyes and starting to join more and more, what will probably be a New Age of social networks.

I, like most people, are tired of posting good content and there is only one winner and for us nothing is left, and based on this indignation I started to research until I found Steemit now Hive.
We all make fair gains based on our efforts as content creators. A clean network that we all try to produce the best possible content and so I hope it can be maintained for many years.

And because of the compensations for good content and that I believe that this network can succeed beyond the dedication of those who develop it, that who 2 weeks ago started in this new network saw the progression before the eyes.
That means we have great professionals behind this Platform

Increasingly this sense of commitment to improve brings credibility to the platform and in a way to its user
that makes me believe and continue my work as a user of this network.
The fact that the Power is distributed to people and their Power to vote has word and strength and we are not just content
We are much more than that.

I'm not just here anymore!

I'm Hive

The great monopolies came to control people over what we see and what we publish.
Here on this platform, we are free to try various types of content and information without being harmed

The other chains at the moment are more powerful than the dictators, we are taken to the consumer market almost as a way of forcing you to buy something.

Here we make our own world, not them.
Here people really show interest in our content and we are gratified by the posts
And so I believe that the Hive Platform with the construction of all of us in Brief will be a broader platform with more users and success.

Well, this is my opinion about this network, or rather, our network.
Because this is a little bit of all of us and not just one.

I hope you continue to post good content and that the programmers remain as dedicated as they have been doing so far.

Without obviously forgetting who votes for us, a strong compliment Drew0

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