Cool MCO morning

2년 전

I had to send my desktop computer to get the insides cleaned and serviced, so this morning I braved a light drizzle to drive to the nearest computer shop. Fortunately this is not one of the grocery runs because I might have to queue in the rain for half an hour.


The computer shop could not allow customers in due to the MCO, so I just passed my computer to him, took a service voucher and went back to my car to wait. The shop owner have to walk in and out of the shop, opening and closing the shutters everytime, to attend to customers waiting in their cars like me.

Just opposite the shop is a supermarket so there was quite a number of cars parked there. But in terms of moving traffic, the street was relatively quiet.


The shop took about 1 hours to get my PC done. I paid for their troubles and was on my way home.

On an unrelated note, the gasoline in my fuel tank is now officially a month old. Good news is I have spent very little on gas, bad news is old gas in the tank is not exactly healthy for the engine as they will lose their anti-knocking properties over time.


So there you go, one of the more interesting morning in the past 41 days under MCO. Kinda sad that every time I get to leave the house is now an event worth blogging about.

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