GYscifi - Construction mech

2년 전

GYscifi is a temporary prefix I'm using in my post titles for sharing content from an original sci-fi IP (Intellectual Property) I'm developing during my free time. In these posts I will share some of the artwork, renders, work-in-progress, lore and anything that I think might be interesting.

This is a recently completed 3D model of a rudimentary bipedal construction mecha, mostly made as a background asset.

(Background HDR image by Sergej Majboroda @

Lore info:

This is a variant of the basic P-6 chassis manufactured by Tadahashi Industries, designed primarily for the construction and manufacturing sectors. It is as strong as it is cumbersome (and sometimes, dangerous) to operate, but with the advent of Super-Heavy industries (SHI) that rely on large machineries, the P-6 Constructor's robustness and versatility made it an indispensable instrument in every SHI company's toolbox.

Below is a wireframe render of the model

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