Bee Network: The new cryptocurrency better than bitcoin


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What's up friends? Today I bring you this new cryptocurrency called Bee.

The project is called the Bee Network with the vision that the network will operate as a hive that, by collaborating with the spontaneous contribution of each individual, the network will become a powerful force and progress.

This self-sufficient ecosystem has the following characteristics:

  1. Recognize the existence of individuals and modules within the organization: individuals and modules have a high degree of independence, but maintain close contact with each other. Independence means that each module has its own division of labor and close contact means a convenient form of communication between related parties.

  2. Powerful accommodation capacity within each module: each module is able to maintain its balance by accommodation in the absence of a central authority.

  3. Unified objective and unique capacity of individuals and modules: to meet the aforementioned characteristics, each individual and module share the same objective and each of them would contribute to the objective in their own way, for example, some extract honey independently, while some work independently as pioneers.

Project vision

The Bee Network core team is comprised of top-notch experts specializing in internet and blockchain technology, math and crypto experts, and community volunteers. The initial development of the Bee Network is funded primarily by anonymous sponsors and the project will continue to attract more sponsorships. Bee Network is committed to using blockchain technology to establish an open internet platform and Dapp (decentralized application) ecosystem.

User development phases

Phase 1: from 0 to 1 million users. The goal of 1 million users has already been achieved.

Phase 2: from 1 million users to 10 million users. To ensure the security and privacy of the Bee Network and its users, the primary development goal of phase 2 will be to launch the KYC (Know Your Customer) practice to ensure user validity. In addition to KYC, we will also establish a community service that allows community members to contribute their ideas to define the core development goal of the next phase. In addition, during Phase 2 we will also introduce the Node and Dapp ecosystem so that the Bee Network's operation remains stable through user interactions within this dynamic community.

Phase 3: from 10 million users to 100 million users. During phase 3, we will develop a Bee Network value exchange market and launch it when the development of the Bee Network ecosystem is mature and sustainable. By using Bee Network's blockchain technology, usage and transaction will be encouraged through an open internet platform.

How does the Bee Network work?

There are three main roles in Bee Network: Miner, Referrer, and Verifier. Once you have pressed the thunder button to start your 24 hour mining session, you will get Bee with the formula of (base rate) + (base rate) x 25% x (number of active miners in your profit team) in the next 24 hours until your mining session ends. The base rate as a miner starts at 1.6 Bee per hour, and will drop 50% to 0.8 Bee per hour when the total user base has grown to 100,000 users worldwide, 50% lower to 0.4 Bee per hour when it grows to 1 million users worldwide, another 50% reduction to 0.2 Bee per hour when it reaches 10 million, another 50% reduction to 0.1 Bee per hour when it reaches 100 million and finally there is no new supply when the Bee Network has reached one billion users worldwide. So the key to earning more Bee is mining and recommending new users to join your earning team as much as possible when the base rate is still high.

Early Bee Network players will have the advantage of earning more Bee, as the base rate as a miner will be reduced by 50% from 1.6 -> 0.8 -> 0.4 -> 0.2 -> 0.1 -> 0 Bee per hour when the base total users grow to 100000, 1 million, 10 million, 100 million and one billion. Therefore, it is always important to start now before the base rate is cut in half.

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